Monday, November 14, 2011

A Time For Us

More movies!  This is a movie of the slides that Bill took when we went on our first road trip in 1966 to Atlantic City, New Jersey then points south which included Wilmington, North Carolina; Charleston, South Carolina; and then Toccoa, Georgia...Bill's hometown.  Are there a lot of pictures of me in this movie?  Uh...YES!  Remember, this was way back at the beginning of our relationship.  It was Bill's camera (I don't even think I owned a camera at this time) and he was quite enamored of me.  No excuses though, I LOVE seeing old pictures of moi!

The video starts out at our first home at the Penn Manor Apartments in Pennsauken, New Jersey and ends with us in the same apartment which I still remember the address:  3732A Herbert Avenue, Pennsauken, New Jersey.

The final picture is of me and Bill now.  Yes, we are OLD MEN now.  This July we will celebrate 48 years of partnership.  Hopefully we will be able to get officially married before we kick the bucket.

Enjoy the movie!


  1. Ron, these photos are wonderful and the music was perfect. I may need to use that music some time.
    I hope that seeing all these photos make you happy and not the opposite.
    Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Mark,

    Glad you liked the movie! I worked all morning scanning those slides (no easy task, very laborious) then trying to figure out iMovie. My head is about to explode! Oh yes, seeing these old photos does make me happy. We're just as happy today.

  3. Ron,

    Something very misty about this video. Nostalgic, I guess. Man, did you spend your whole youth lounging about in the sun?

    Nice video.


  4. Larry,

    Yes, this video is very nostalgic. That is what I like about it. And another "Yes", I did spend a lot of time in my Foolish Youth trying to get a tan. Now I go every six months to the dermatologist to keep skin cancer at bay. My motto when I was young was "Have chaise lounge chair, will travel."

  5. anne marie in philly6:29 PM

    let's see...gas is 30 cents a gallon, bill had a corvair, grants 5 & 10, the philly skyline had no tall buildings, atlantic city doesn't look like that anymore, the philly riverfront hasn't changed.

    and you two are sexay! to have been together this long is special indeed!

  6. Anne Marie,

    I am VERY IMPRESSED with you! You are perhaps the only person who has or will notice that gas was 30 cents a gallon (this was in 1967 after all), Grants 5 & 10 (used to go there all the time), the tallest building in the Philly skyline was Billy Penn, and Atlantic City had a smokestack puffing away in the background. Yes indeed, Bill and I were two hot numbers when we got together in 1964. We broke a lot of hearts! :)

  7. As usual you do a splendid job at putting photos to music. I am envious of your handiwork.

    Darling, I wish you wouldn't dwell so much on 'how it was' and how old you are etc. It makes it all sound like it is all past and done !

  8. Very nice! I hope you have a special relative somewhere that will enjoy having these photos one day. While you guys were gallivanting around in these photos, I was seven years old!

  9. anne marie in philly3:38 AM

    thanks, honey! also the billboard for zaberer's restaurant in AC, and the lack of tall buildings (read: casinos) along the boardwalk.

    have you checked out my shirt pix on spo's blog yet?

  10. these are wonderful pictures. i can't imagine the sense of history you must feel when you look at them. i literally cannot imagine what it would be like to be with the same man for 48 years! i don't think i am that "type" of person. did you think you were at the time? did you think that this was going to be the "one", or did that realization happen over time?

  11. Dr. Spo,

    Thank you for your compliment about me putting together the photos with music. It was hard put it together but I really enjoy doing it. I might have missed my calling. Also, I will take your advice about my references to my old age. After so many years of being the youngest in my group, at this time of my life I'm constantly surprised that I'm this old. In no way do I regret it, to the contrary but I am somewhat bemused that I have turned into an oldie goldie. :)

  12. Anne Marie,

    I'm just sorry I didn't take more pictures back when I was young. Can you imagine if I had a digital camera or iPhone back in the Sixties? I would have a million photos now! Thanks for your comments. They are always appreciated.

  13. caliman,

    Thank you for your comments. To answer your question "did I think I was the type of person who thought I would be with someone 48 years?" NO WAY! I had no plans for a long term relationship with Bill. In fact I didn't even want to move in with him. I was a young guy (21) and had just came out. Bill was just someone who was very nice to me plus I was attracted to him but I definitely wasn't planning on a long-term relationship. I'll send you an e-mail and tell you more

  14. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Hi Ron,

    First of all "Happy Belated Birthday!" I hope it was a good one.

    I'm envious of your talent of making those nostalgic videos. I really enjoyed watching them & listening to the music. As I was watching them I realized you haven't changed that much. Not many people can say that. I do admire that you have been able to keep your weight the same. I wish I could say the same Time has a way of changing things for "some" people

    Keep up the good work entertaining us. It's always a delight reading your posts!


  15. Fran,

    Thanks for your generous comments about my videos. I have fun making them. I hope I continue to keep you entertained with my posts. My latest might be a little over the top for you though. But I have to keep it real for my gay fans. Nothing but the truth. Have a great day!

  16. Anonymous3:23 PM


    Your posts are never over the top for me. I have 3 male cousins who are gay & also my god daughter. The only problem I have is with others remarks who also don't even try to be tolerant of those who are not clones of their biggot selves. We are all in this world together & love for your fellow man or women should be done on a daily basis as none of us are perfect.

    I will now get off my high horse & let you enjoy your day.


  17. Fran,

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. When I write my blog posts I always try to be cognizant of my readers such as you, who I like and respect very much, and I don't want to offend you by writing about some areas of my life as a gay man. While to me my "gay lifestyle" (whatever that is) is very normal I am aware that to many straight people me writing about it makes them uncomfortable. I appreciate you and I don't want to offend you Fran. I was glad to read your comments. Thank you.


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