Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seventy Years of Ron

Yesterday was my 70th birthday.  Yes folks, I am officially and OLD MAN.  Funny thing that, I don't think like and Old Man.  In my mind I'm still that starry eyed and naive Twenty Something looking forward to what adventures in life await me.  And then every morning after I get up and look at myself in the bathroom mirror I think "Who is THAT?" looking at me from the other side of the mirror.  "WHAT HAPPENED?"

I got OLD, that's what happened.  Seriously though folks, I'm feeling good about making it this far in life.  I've had a good life and have few regrets.  Sounds like I"m going to break into a Frank Sinatra song doesn't it?  Yes, I am very happy with where I am in life.

I honestly didn't think I would make it this far in life.  I fully expected to be gone by the time I reached my 60th year on this planet.  Anything after that is gravy.  Yes folks, I'm living on gravy now!

Yesterday, I made this quickie movie with my iMovie on my wonderful iMac (thank you Steve Jobs!)  Nothing fancy, no intro or impressive graphics, just a random selection of photos of my throughout my life.
There are a couple of mistakes in the movie which I hope no one notices.  One is a duplicate photo and there are two or three crotch shots.  I tried to change those photos but the other photos worked out so with in synchronization with the remaining photos that I just left everything in.  Deal with it folks.  And yes, I have a couple of photos of me with some of my boyfriends.  I am gay, no reason to hide that at this time in my life.  I came out of the closet when I was 21 years old and never looked back and I'm not going to start now.

This is only the second time I made an iMovie.  The first one I made was for my Mother's funeral.  I will make copies of this DVD and send it to some of my friends.  If I don't get around to making a more polished DVD movie of My Life In Photos, please use this DVD at my memorial.

These days I'm thinking a lot about Getting My Life In Order for my not too soon departure.  Hey, I have to be realistic.  At seventy years old I don't have a lot of time left.  It has been a good life folks.  I hope to be around a lot longer but if that is not what fate hold in store for me, then I have absolutely no regrets.  This is one happy seventy year old.

Thank you to everybody who wished me a happy birthday yesterday.  I love you all!


  1. Once again, Ron, Happy Birthday!
    Loved the video. And believe me, I don't sit through 10 minutes of personal video for just anyone. Maybe it's because I was looking for the "crotch shots" that you teased me with.
    Speaking of which, you were quite a yummy 20 year old, looking oh so innocent.
    Okay, now your next goal is to reach 100.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. Ron, when you are 95, you will say "I looked so good when I was 70 !". The most important is really to be healthy and happy; then everything else falls into place.

  3. Nadege,

    You know something? You are probably right! You advice is right on the mark.

  4. Mark,

    Thanks again! I tried to get that one crotch shot out but just couldn't without changing the timing of all the other photos in the movie and I just didn't have the time to do it all over again.

    Yes, now that I look back on my 20's I remember attracting guys like bees to honey. I'm glad Bill came along to "save" me....I think.

  5. Happy Birthday Ron!
    And're only as old as you feel. ;-)

  6. slugmama,
    I don't feel old! I only look old. :)

  7. Anonymous12:44 PM

    70 IS THE NEW 50 ..... right !

  8. 3rdnlong,

    70 is the new 50...right!

  9. Ron,

    It was nice to see you smiling in so many pictures. Happy Birthday


  10. anne marie in philly6:22 PM

    honey pie, 85 is OLD...70 is teenager years! get down, get funky, get moving n grooving on LIFE!

    hope you had a great day!

    PS - guess what I got in the mail yesterday? THE TRAVELING SPO SHIRT!

  11. that was marvelous.
    Now, go on and live some more. May the next ten years be the best ones yet!

  12. Happy belated birthday, Ron!

  13. Thank you Walt!

  14. Ron - Stinko
    I did your Halloween tarot card reading, and now I can't find your proper email address! Help!

  15. Happy birthday, Ron! You have a wonderful, positive attitude about aging. Good for you!!

  16. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Happy Birthday! You are obviously a pet person like me. No pets now? My husband's grandfather was still farming full time until age 92, when he became sick. He put in 8-10 hours of hard physical labor until that time. Unless less you are debiliated, you are not old at any age.
    Lynne in Annapolis

  17. Thank you Buddy Bear for the good wishes!

  18. Anonymous,

    Thank you for your good wishes. No, we don't have pets now. I would love to have a Pomeranian dog and/or a cat but Bill won't hear of it. He can't take the loss anymore. It's too stressful for him. Maybe someday again I'll get a little pal to keep me company in my senior years. I hope to be like your grandfather and work into my 90's.

  19. A Happy and Health Birthday with many more to cum.


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