Friday, November 25, 2011

Ryan Gets Pied

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.  Did you all have plenty of turkey, mashed potatoes, succotash and pies?  Pies......that reminds me of a great video I saw yesterday on Huff Post.  Featured in the video is my current heart throb Ryan Gosling.  Even back when he was just a youngster, he displayed his wonderful natural acting talents.  So here is the video folks, enjoy!

By the way, I have always enjoyed someone getting slapped in the face with a big, gooey cream pie.  The best ever was Bill "Mr. Softee" Gates when he got his nerdy puss plastered a few years ago.  Whenever I'm down I go back and look at that video and enjoy it all over again just like it was the first time.  Hey, isn't it time we start to pie some of these Republican clowns running for president?  Who wouldn't like to see Newt Gringrich and/or Michelle Bachmann pied?  I know I would!


  1. anne marie in philly5:04 PM

    rick santorum and sarah palin - I would pay $5 to see them pied!

    for newt gingrich and michele bachmann, the pies would have to include a brick.

    hope you and bill had a good holiday!

  2. How is it that I have no idea who Ryan Gosling is? I think our ages are reversed, Ron.

  3. Oh Mark! You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! You don't know who Ryan Gosling is? Wow! He is just the sexiest man on the planet right now. This is the first time I saw him as a kid. He's cute here and I can see that he had talent even at this young age. The first time I saw him was in the movie "Half-Nelson" and then in "The Notebook." See either or both of those movies and you'll be a Ryan Gosling fan too! Ryan has the IT factor!

  4. Anne Marie,

    I agree with you on Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin getting pied. Especially Santorum, that sanctimonious son of a bitch.

  5. Who doesn't love a good cream pie fight!

    They seemed to have a lot of pie fights in the movies back in the 20s/30s/40s.... I wonder why they stopped?

  6. Hula Hank,

    I love pies in the faces! It never gets old for me. The best was on the Ernie Kovacs show back in the Fifties. I don't know why this timeless laugh getter stopped. It sure is a lot funnier than much of what passes for comedy today on network TV.


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