Sunday, November 27, 2011

Riot Over Two Dollar Waffle Iron!!!!

Okay folks.  I wasn't going to post any more videos for awhile but I just couldn't pass this one up.  I first saw it on my fellow blogger Sam's blog "Lazy Circles."  I couldn't believe my eyes.  So I had to go to Youtube to make sure this was authentic.  Sad to say, it is the REAL DEAL.

The Visigoths sacked Rome.  That was the end of the Roman Empire.  The Black Friday Christmas shoppers are our Visigoths.


  1. anne marie in philly10:12 PM


    I was waiting for the fat chick in the blue shirt to lose her pants AND SHE DID!

    but srsly...over a waffle iron? dog help us all!

  2. This is so sickening and depressing on so many levels.
    Worse, I sense the participants really liked being part of it, and look forward to next year's which will be bigger, earlier and even more violent.

  3. Dr. Spo,

    What gets me is the riot is all over a $2.00 waffle iron! I think you're on to something, I think for these people it's more about the "process" than the actual "bargain."

  4. Anne Marie,

    Maybe they got caught up in the frenzy. If you should get a waffle iron for Christmas, you'll know where it probably came from!

  5. And when you think about it... do they REALLY need a waffle iron?

    Or was it because it was dead cheap! I'm so glad we don't have this day, or at any start of a sale.

  6. Tai,

    Would this happen in Vietnam?

  7. Yes Ron, it happened some times and I think it's gonna be crazier. I never wanna be part of it :)

  8. Tai,

    You will NEVER see me in a riot like this. Nothing is worth that much. This is ridiculous.


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