Saturday, November 26, 2011

Let's Go To the Movies

I really should write about my wonderful adventure in Rehoboth Beach today but I'll do that tomorrow.  I just had to pass this video along that my good friend Bill B. sent to me.  Tomorrow I promise I will get back to my regular blog posts!

You know, it is a funny thing but just this past week I went to the movies with my friends Bob C. and Sal R. and the movie theater looked just like this. I wonder if it was the same theater or are all theaters like this now? I know what I would have done if I was confronted with this situation...right in the middle babe!

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nitewrit said...


Reminds me of a night when Lois and I were dating. We use to go to a drive-in theater off Baltimore Pike nears Lansdowne. One night we there and just as the second feature began dozens of motorcycles came roaring in. The Warlocks had arrived. They completely surrounded our car. They were staying for the re-showing of the first movie, but we weren't and I wondered how was I going to get out of there. I mean I had bikes to the front of me and the back of me and the side of me not in the proper stalls. I said to the nearest Biker we were leaving. He motioned to the others and they politely parted like the Red Sea and let us out.

I finally started breathing again when I reached the highway.

There was another time we were in the audience at a concert in the middle of The Pagens in Philly. I remember waiting in the ticket line and people came up and turned on their heels just like people in this video. Lois was having conversations with some big burly guy with chains and tattoos. There was no trouble. No one offered us a beer, though. Actually, nobody in that theater had beers. Alcohol wasn't allowed. A lot of those about us had tea - the kind you puff.