Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Jetty

All right folks, here's a real post.  I know, I know.  I've been taking a shortcut lately by posting a couple of really cool videos from You Tube.  Hey, now admit it, they were cool weren't they?  I have a few more backlogged which I will post in the future.

But for now, here is a real posting.  Yesterday I took the ten mile ride down from Casa Tipton-Kelly to Rehoboth Beach to meet up with a woman who saw a blog posting of mine in July of 2010.  She saw a picture of a jetty that I took and wanted to know where I took it.  I checked back and saw that I took it at the North Shores, Cape Henlopen.  I e-mailed that information back to her.

North Shores jetty, Cape Henlopen

She said that actually that wasn't the jetty she was looking for.  She said she's been looking this jetty for six months in Ocean City, Maryland.  Now anyone who has been to Ocean City knows that they have a LONG beach.  Forty blocks long to be exact.  Here is the e-mail that I received from her:

My original view of the jetty early in the morning with a kayaker in the distance

I just stumbled on a photo in your blog, a jetty posted July 31, 2010 (I think that’s the right date).  I’ve been looking for this jetty for about six months now – spent the last two days wandering Ocean City, MD, all 140 blocks of it.  Could you tell me where it’s located?  I’m a photographer and would love to shoot some long exposures there.

Thanks much,

MariAnne M...

So...I put on my thinking cap and racked my brain and thought of another jetty that I have seen on my wanderings.  This one is in front of the Victoria Hotel at the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, just down the boardwalk a bit from the Sands Hotel.  In the summer of 2010 I used to sit on the bench on front of the hotel and watch folks frolic around that jetty.  On good days a wave would wash in and inundate of the frolickers, thus giving me great joy in seeing them scramble to dry land.  As a fellow blogger friend of mine often says "Jolly good fun!"

Me on my bench in front of the hotel watching the action - Jetty Watching
I sent a new e-mail back to her earlier this week identifying the Mysterious Jetty.  She sent me an e-mail back an e-mail thanking me and telling me that she would be at that jetty on Friday, early in the morning, taking pictures.  She suggested that if would like to stop down and say "Hi!", she would be glad to meet me.  I thought that was a good idea.  So far I've only met one fellow blogger and that turned out to be really good.  He is Mark H. of "Two Papas and their four darlings" (or something like that, I can never get the title of his blog correct but he you all know who I'm talking about).  Mark takes wonderful photos and is very generous with sharing his talent on his blog for all of us out her in Bloggerland to view.

MariAnn (her name) said I could identify her on the beach because she would have the tripod.  So, sure enough as I was striding along the boardwalk I saw someone on the beach by the jetty with a tripod set up. There was also another photographer standing on the wet sand with her.

MariAnn - the photographer who contacted me by my blog posting

I left the boardwalk and ambled onto the footprint ladened sand toward the two photographers who were standing near the jetty, their cameras at the ready, and the sound of the waves washing over the jetty providing background ambiance.  As I got closer she looked at me and said "You must be Ron."  I fessed up that "Yes" I was Ron.  She told me that she originally thought the man standing next to her was me at first (he didn't look anything me plus he was short).  She took a closer look at my face and said "Yes, I can see that it is YOU now.  I looked at your pictures on your blog and I can see the resemblance. "  Phew!  Thank goodness she didn't say "You don't look anything at all like your pictures in your blog."  

We conversed a bit, I asked to take her picture for my blog and then I excused myself to visit a friend who was in town for the weekend.  

Yesterday MariAnn sent me this picture she took of the jetty.  Pretty cool huh?

MariAnne's photo of the Rehoboth jetty

Now this little experience is a perfect example of why I blog.  I have had friends ask me "Why do you blog?"  Here you go guys!  It is interesting.  I get to talk about myself and meet new people and who knows, I might even make a few new friends!  And we all know, one can never have enough friends!

Thanks MariAnne for contacting me.  It was a very enjoyable experience and your photo is fabulous!


  1. anne marie in philly11:29 AM

    suh-WEET! meeting new people is cool; meeting you and bill this year is a happy memory!

  2. Thanks Ron. You saved me many more exploratory trips to the beach - though I must confess I don't mind being there at all.

    Glad you stopped by and said hello. I did think the other guy was you at first but only because he had a camera and looked like he was walking over to talk with me.

    Thanks again!

  3. MariAnne is really talented. No wonder she was looking for that particular jetty.
    Ron, I think I would recognize you anywhere.

  4. MariAnne,

    I agree with Nadege, you are very talented. The finished photo you took of the jetty is a work of art. I love it! I am so glad I was able to meet you.

  5. Nadege,

    Funny that you should say you would recognize me anywhere. When I go to my class reunions I always get the comment "I would recognize you anywhere Ron!" Apparently I'm one of THOSE people who are instantly recognizable. I think that's good. :)

  6. Anne Marie,

    Thank you again dear. You are always such a delight!

  7. I love fateful stories like this one.

  8. Me too Dr. Spo. I think this is the main reason I blog, to connect with people who I otherwise would never know and meet.

  9. A picture really is worth a thousand words :)

  10. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Hi. If anyone can help...are these jetties still there along the beach? A friend who visited in early March 2012 said they didn't see them anymore, even at low tide. Can't find any news links saying that they were removed.


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