Sunday, November 13, 2011

Found Treasure!

Me on Rehoboth Beach July 1966 - FORTY FIVE YEARS AGO!

As regular readers of this blog know, I am a photo fanatic.  I LOVE to take pictures and at this time of my life I especially love digging up old photos and posting them to my blog.  Lately I found out how to make movies of my old photos.  Expect a lot more of those.  Of course I am quite aware that some of the readers of this blog will find these slide shows about as interesting as, well, slide shows.  But hey, I have fun making them and I certainly do enjoy putting them together.

So here is what happened.  A couple of days ago Bill asked me to move some of my plastic storage bins from his "office" in the basement next to the hot water heater.  Well, guess what!?  I found FIVE TRAYS of old slides.  YAAAAY!

Yesterday and today I reviewed some of these slides and what a wonderful find these have turned out to be!  They were taken a year after Bill and I set up house in Pennsuaken New Jersey.  That year was 1966, FORTY-FIVE YEARS AGO!  Man oh man, just where does the time go?

The first summer we were together we made a trip to Rehoboth Beach Delaware.  This was July 1966. Yes folks, the photo displayed at the top of this blog is of my reclining on the beach in Rehoboth with a cigarette (I quit smoking July 15th, 1967).  So here it is folks, the earliest known photo of Ron On The Beach.  Of course these days I don't sun bath on the beach.  In fact I have a dermatology appointment next month to check for my skin cancer.  Every six months I get checked and usually have several pre-cancerous spots removed from my face.  Yes, I'm paying the price now for all those summer days baking on the beach.

So to get back to the old photos.  I scanned about seventy of them into the computer this morning.  Scanning slides in a computer is a very laborious project but well worth it.  I'll do a tray a day until I get them all in and thus preserve them for posterity.

A lot of these photos I've never seen before.  I also have about thirty reels of VHS tapes I've never seen either.  That's the next big project.

So be prepared to see these old slides converted into an iMovie in future blog postings!


  1. Anonymous1:18 PM

    I love your slide shows.
    I look forward to them, esp. with your comments. Especially liked your last one.
    A Ron Fan

  2. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Now that brings back a memory for sure. I would have been 8 and from mid june to mid july we spent at rehoboth beach every summer visiting with my mothers extended family.

  3. anne marie in philly3:37 PM


  4. Ron,

    Actually, I am looking forward to it.


  5. Anonymous,

    I just recently discovered the slide show function. I love it! I'm glad you like them. I was concerned that I would bore people but what the heck? I enjoy putting them together so I'm going to do it anyway. I like matching the music up to the pictures to tell a story.

  6. Anne Marie,

    Do you really think so? Not fishing for compliments but I felt anything but sexy when I was that age. Now that I look back on it I guess I was all right. But I'm happy with the way I am now. We all progress. But I do like to look back. So much fun.

  7. 3rdnlong,

    I always used to be the youngest in my group. No more. At the time these pictures were taken I was 25 years old. The Twenties went by REAL FAST!

  8. Larry,

    Now that I have discovered these old slide I have a whole new project, like I have the time. HA! I will enjoy putting the slide together though. I'm looking forward to your slide shows. I know how inventive you are.

  9. I love old slides! We have slides going back to 1965. They are always good for a family dinner, pull out a carosel and see what comes up.

  10. Very cool. So, what do you use to scan slides? I have a Cannon flatbed scanner that has an attachment that lets me do four slides at a time. A real improvement over one at a time, but still a laborious process.

    I'm curious about what you use.

  11. Walt,

    I use an HP Scanjet G3110. It also scans four at a time but it is a laborious project. I am thrilled that I found these slides. Most of them I never saw. Bill took the slides and I never got around to watching them. Too much trouble to put them in the slide projector so I put it off for 45 years!

  12. Dr. Spo,

    I love discovering old photos and slides!


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