Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bill's Surprise- A Small World

Montage of Bamberg, Germany photos on display on their website November 20, 2011

Bill (my spouse) got the surprise of his life yesterday.  While he was surfing the web he brought up Bamberg, Germany.  Back in the Fifties, Bill was in the Army and stationed in Bamberg, Germany.  Bill has many fond memories of his stay in Bamberg.  He loved Germany.  He always wanted to go back as a civilian but he met me and you all know how that turned out.

So Bill does the second best and he visits Germany on his computer.  Yesterday while he was visiting he noticed a "generic" picture of a soldier on Bamberg's website.  It was a photo of him!  This photo was taken in 1951.

Bill told me many years ago how this photo happened to be taken.  He was strolling through Bamberg one day and saw a photography shop.  He stopped in and got his picture taken.  He picked up his finished photo a week later.  A few weeks later a fellow airman asked him if he knew his picture was now displayed in the front window of the photography shop.  Bill didn't know but he was flattered.

Now all these years later here is his photo shows up on the Internet for all the world to see.  Who knows, maybe his photo has been on display in that photo shop all these years!  By the way, I was ten years old when this picture was taken.  Uh huh, Bill could have swept me off my feet.  I had to wait ten years (1964) and that's when he did sweep me off my feet, without the uniform.  He's still gorgeous!

Bill Kelly- Bamberg, Germany 1951


  1. What a cool story!

    Could make a nice exclamation point your Devotion Project story.

  2. Bill was really surprised Sean. Not much surprises and impresses him but this did. He loves Germany, always talks about returning. What a nice feeling for him to find his photo featured on their website.

  3. anne marie in philly12:30 PM

    neat-o! no wonder you fell in love with this handsome guy! smooches to bill!

  4. a handsome chap indeed!

  5. John,

    Yes, I think Bill's a pretty good-looking guy too! :)

  6. Anne Marie,

    I gave Bill a big SMOOCH from you!

  7. Wow! Bill is so handsome. And who can resist a man in uniform?

  8. wow! what a story, what a find!

  9. Great story! Amazing stuff, this internet webby thing.

  10. Wow what a nice surprise of the Internet! So cool! He's absolutely handsome.

  11. Buddy Bear,

    I have always been a sucker for a man in uniform. Oh wait, that didn't' sound right.

  12. Dr. Spo,

    Bill was not only surprised but flattered that his picture is on Bamberg's website because he loves Germany so much. I'm happy for him.

  13. Walt,

    The reach of the Internet never ceases to amaze me.

  14. Tai,

    The continue to be impressed by how the Internet connects all of us.

  15. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Ron, I wonder how his picture ended up being picked. It's even more amazing that he randomly found it on the internet and recognized it.
    Just read your comments about the Mike M. story and Penn State. I am willing to wait until the trial to find out what this Mike M. coach really did. There is a possibility that he did contact the campus police and nothing was done. If he really did very little, his career is over. No college will ever hire him. I just can't imagine that anyone could witness something like that and just walk away.
    Lynne in Annapolis

  16. Lynn,

    Even is Mick M. did contact the police, nothing was done. He should have done more. To me it seems that he just did the minimum and that was not acceptable. He continued to work at Penn State and when he saw that nothing was done from the incident he reported he should have done more. Granted, this country isn't kind to whistle blowers and his career would have been over at Penn State had he followed up more but still, he should have done more because what he witnessed (or thought he witnessed) was the rape of a child and there is no excuse for letting something like that go unchallenged. None.


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