Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Beautiful Fall Day

Ridley State Park, Pennsylvania (photo Tom Johnston)

The past several days have been gorgeous!  Absolutely beautiful!  Unfortunately Bill and I have been running around, doing errands.  Today Bill took me to Dover to see my doctor at the Veterans Administration.  This was the first time we saw him at his new location (he was previously at the VA Out Patient Clinic in Georgetown).  We had trouble finding the building but after a lot of checking my GPS on my iPhone and asking strangers we found him.

I had a good visit.  I discussed my Prostate Drama.  He put my mind at ease about several questions I had.  I could elect not to go through with the biopsy I have schedule for January 6th, 2012 but with the knowledge that I probably have a cancer slowly growing on my prostate.  What will I die of first?  Old age or prostate cancer?  I elected to go with the biopsy to see if I have a "big cancer."

On the way back home we stopped in a Walmart we had never been in before.  This one was in Magnolia (I think).  It was one of the Super Centers.  Wow!  Just imagine if we had something like this in Rehoboth?  No such luck.  Route 1 is congested enough as it is already with all the outlet stores.

I checked out all the Christmas "stuff" at this new Walmart but I just can't bring myself to buy anything.  I have more than enough Christmas decorations and I certainly don't need any more.  In fact I'm think that this year I'll just stick a ceramic Christmas tree in the window and let it go at that.  I'm just not in the "Ho! Ho!" mood this year.

The photo at the beginning of this blog was sent to me by my friend Tom Johnston.  Tom knows I love beautiful scenery photos and he frequently sends me photos by his iPhone.  On the way up to Dover and back I saw several nice scenes of the fall foliage reflecting off of bodies of water but I couldn't take any good photos because we were in Bill's Jeep driving down the highway.  I actually need to go into one of the many parks in Delaware to take a gorgeous photo like the one Tom sent to me.  When I see scenes like this a feeling of utmost serenity surrounds me and brings peace and calmness to my some times unsettled life.

Thank you Tom.


Anonymous said...

Stunning photo for sure. Super Walmart's send me into an anxiety attack everytime I am in one. I was there last month and in front of me in line was a woman with two tires and groceries in the same cart !

Ron said...


I thought I was in big Walmart before but the one this morning BIG. And oh yes, there were "Walmart People" in it. That's one thing about Walmarts that are so fun, people watching.

Kim Ayres said...

Hope you have a great day :)

Amanda said...

♫ Happy birthday to you ♪♫♪
Have a wonderful day Ron ♥

Ur-spo said...

I hope you are not in the Christmas mood - it's early November for pete's sake! Plenty of time to get into the mood (or not) in a month or so.
Not to make you feel pressured or guilty, but I would love to see your christmas decorations. ....

Hula Hank said...

I love those autumn trees over a river shots. I did a large portion of my growing up in Ohio with settings just like that!

jnuts said...

I'm glad you decided to keep the appointment for the biopsy.

Photo is absolutely stunning. I'm stealing it. I need something beautiful to stare at. That scenery is it.

Ron said...


Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

Every year I saw I'm not putting up Christmas decorations and every year I Santa Claus throws up on Casa Tipton-Kelly. This year will probably be no exception.

Ron said...


Yes, the photo is good. I love my iPhone camera. I don't even use my other phone anymore.

Ron said...

Hula Hank,

I'm with you, I love these shots of reflections off of the water, especially fall foliage.