Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Team Kristenballs - Out!

Team Kristen Balls 

Kristen Calvallari and Mark Ballas, also known by the oh to cute name of "Kristen Balls" was voted off "Dancing With the Stars" show a few minutes ago.  Thank you.  Now I no longer have to watch the smug, show boating Mark Ballas dancing in his white spats, making faces and doing flips while supposedly "dancing" with his celebrity partner Kirsten Calvallari.

Oh I know some of (or maybe all) of my blogger buddies disagree with me about Mark Ballas.  Cubby thinks he's hot.  Another one of regular blogger reader whose opinion I value recently told me that Mark is a nice guy.  Sorry folks, the guy just rubs me the wrong way.  From the first time I saw him, I didn't like his showboating ways.  I wasn't going to say anything more about him but since he was surprisingly voted off the show tonight, I felt the need to say "I told you so."

Was Team Kristen Balls the worst dancers?  No, they were absolutely not the worst dancers.  In fact, they were pretty good, much to my chagrin.  The worst dancers or dancer is Chaz Bono clumping around the dance floor.  He is painful to watch.  But when I see a really professional dancer like Derek Hough (who I heard the other day that Howard Stern can't stand for many of the same reasons I couldn't stand Mark Ballas), the contrast is to great to ignore.  Derek compliments his celebrity partner Rickie Lake, he doesn't take the spotlight off of her with selfish, showboating acts like doing a flip at the end of a dance routine.  I don't know Derek. He might just be the biggest jerk in the world.  But what I do know is that I enjoy watching him dance with his partner as a TEAM, not as a professional dancer scene stealing from his celebrity partner.

All right, enough beating up on the "wonderful" Mark Ballas.  I've said all I'm going to say about him except that I am glad I won't have to watch him anymore (I did fast forward through his routine tonight when I played back my DVD recording of the show last night).  The two so called professional dancers that I didn't like were Mark Ballas and that Dutch guy from last year who didn't come back this year.  Now that the two most annoying professional dancers are off the show I can enjoy the show without having to fast forward through any of it.

By the way, this week's show was very good.  All the dancers with the possible exception of Chaz, were very, very good.  I am very impressed with how hard they work to perfect their routines.  It's more than I could ever do.  And that my friends, is why I'm watching and why they are dancing.

I wish them all happiness, even Mark Ballas.  Maybe he learned a lesson tonight and, if he comes back next season, acts like a professional dancer who is there to compliment his celebrity partner instead of trying for his own reality show.  Good luck Mark!

The Mark Ballas pout - just one of his many annoying facial expressions - so "professional"


  1. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Since I do not watch network TV your reviews keep me informed better then TMZ or the AJC for that matter. I concur he is annoying but that is a trait of a smug queen who thinks everyone thinks he is straight. :-) The one who really annoys me is Rob Kardisian. For the life of me I can not understand how he qualifies as a "star" based on the bit part he plays in his sisters show(s)

  2. 3rdnlong,

    Maybe that's why Ballas annoys me so much because he is a smug queen. I hadn't thought of that but you're probably right. I'm gay but I have to say smug queens, of which we have an abundance here in Gayberry (aka Rehoboth Beach) Delaware. Another thing that annoyed be about Ballas is how he always played to the audience and rarely looked at his partner whereas Derek Hough doesn't take his eyes off of his partner, thus creating a true team effort. Obviously Derek isn't auditioning for his own reality show. I for one won't miss the Pursed Lip Showboater.

  3. Oh, Ron! As I write this through my tear-blurred eyes I just knew that you would be chortling with glee that my beloved Mark was Auf'ed! Well! Now we have to rally around Team Carson, because you and I both know that Chaz's days are numbered on that show!

    P.S. Did you hear?!! CHER is going to be in the audience next week! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! ;)

  4. Ron, you made me laugh again today.
    I thought it would have been Chaz leaving last night, or Nancy Grace (who is a joy) but we were shocked when Kristen and (very straight) Mark got booted out.
    (Cher is "supposed" to be in the audience next week).

  5. Nadege,

    Of course I know Mark is straight. Someone who commented on my blog made that smart remark and I passed it on (which I probably shouldn't have). Mark probably is a nice person as you say but I personally find his antics very annoying. He's too much into himself and not his celebrity partner. It comes across loud and clear. He was probably the main reason he and Kristan were voted off. Thank God I don't have to see his white spats one more time.

  6. Nadege,

    I LOVE CHER! Stamp my gay card because I am a longtime fan. She may be a diva but that's alright. I get the feeling from her that she is "just folks" plus she puts on a great show. Ironically, I don't care that much for her singing but she is a master show woman. I absolutely adore her!

  7. Tiger,

    I take back anything negative that I ever said about Carson. He's great! I don't care if he misses the "technical aspects" of the dance routines, he is damn fun to watch. I love watching someone thoroughly enjoy themselves when dancing. Carson will be in the final three. I look forward to seeing him every week!

  8. Greg and I chose not to watch the results show this week. It is just an hour filled with performances by people we don't know or can't stand. An hour of crap for 10 seconds of results. Totally not worth it.

    When we read the results on the internet late that evening, we both looked at each other and asked if we were looking at an old news story from years ago, because we had no idea who Calvallari was. I had no memory of her on this season's cast. Zero.

    Talk about invisible! I still don't know why she's a 'star' but wish her the best.

    Pretty much all of the women on that show are invisible to me. I got my eyes fixed on the men, especially Maks and your boyfriend Mark Ballas, and J.R. Martinez. Yes, J.R. I can look past his scars and see the beautiful man within. I truly want him to win this.

  9. Cubby,

    I DVD the results show and fast forward to the end. That's the only thing I'm interested in. I do not care to see Mary K. Blige or the dance numbers of the other dancers...boring. I never watch the commercials, never.

    J. R. Martinez will win and not because there is a great deal of sympathy for him but because he is the best dancer (so far anyway). I like seeing the other professional dancers like Maks and his brother and Derek. I am SO GLAD that doofus..er Mark Ballas is OUT. So glad! The women are also pretty much invisible to me also. The only one who has interesting was Kirsty Alley from last year. The blonde, young women to me are pretty much interchangeable to me. They're only there to provide eye candy for the male viewers. Maks and the other guys, with the exception of doofus...er Mark Ballas provide much needed eye candy for us gays. I wish them all well though, even Mark Ballas. They work hard at what they do and I respect them for that.


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