Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Goldielocks TV

Me with my Goldielocks TV

Well, we finally got my new 60 inch wide screen Sharp Acquos TV (a 70th birthday present from my Prince Charming) up and running in my bedroom.  As I feared, it took me and Bill just about all morning to get the TV out of its box (a BIG TV in a BIG BOX), assemble the stand, struggle with it to get it into my bedroom and then to hook it up.  Of course we had to unhook my now neglected 40 inch Samsun wide screen TV.  The poor thing has outlived its usefulness.  I purchased it in 2007.  Bill will inherit it in his tiny bedroom downstairs.

We really did try to set it up all by ourselves but when the setup instructions came to "Air" or "Cable", I didn't know which to choose.  We have DirecTV satellite TV.  I tried both setups, neither one worked.

Frustrated and tried (and stressed, we are two OLD MEN after all whose brains are already overloaded with reams of no longer useful information), I called the Sharp help line.  Of course first I had to figure out the number to call.  Sharp provided me with one of those two cute by half numbers:  1-87-SEE-AQUOS.

I HATE translating these numbers.  I made the phone call.

Thank goodness I got a person right away.  Her name was "Julie" and English was her native language (thank you Jesus).  Only problem was that she spoke too fast.

Julie walked me through the setup, which I would never have in a hundred years figured out myself, and I was up and running!  Only thing was that I couldn't set up my Internet Wi-Fi connection so I can downstream my Netflix movies.  My bedroom is too far away from my wireless router which is in my home office (formerly the smallest bedroom in this house and where I am now typing this missive).

I'll check with my boss today at the hotel and find out what kind of wireless booster they use at the hotel and I'll get the same to use here at home.  I also have to buy a new DVD player that plays Blue-Ray DVD's.  Hey, it's my birthday and I'm going all the way.  At 70 years old I don't hold back anymore.  Not a whole lot of Quality of Life time left.  Make hay while the sun shines Nellie.  That's what I say these days.

So let me say this, the picture on my new TV is FABULOUS!  I LOVE IT!  WOW!

Now I can watch Maks and Len really get into it on "DWTS".  Did you see that last night?  Talk about a reality show.  Hey, I like Maks but I can't agree with him that it is "his show" and he "made it what it is today."  Really Maks?  Give me a break.  Everybody who participates on "DWTS" makes it a great show, including even the bad celebrity dancers.  I love this show, it's the whole human drama.  But I digress, this is a subject for different blog posting.

So here I am with my new 60 inch TV in my bedroom.  I thought it would be too big but it isn't.  I now have a Goldielocks TV.  It's not too big, not too small.  It's just right!


  1. anne marie in philly2:39 PM

    jeebus! that thing is huge!

    (that's what he said)

    enjoy it, ron; you deserve it!

  2. You should be smiling!
    Nice t.v.!

  3. ENJOY!

    And be thankful that your special someone understands what will float your boat after all these years (and takes the time and makes the effort to do it).

  4. You deserve it Ron!

  5. Thank you all. Bill does treat me well. Always has. I didn't really need a bigger TV but I have this feeling that I'm not long for this world with all this prostate drama. I need a distraction. This TV will work. A little anyway.

  6. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Happy birthday!
    Lynne in Annapolis

  7. Thank you Lynn. This was an early birthday present. My birthday (70th which I cannot believe) is actually November 9th. The day the Berlin Wall came down.

  8. Nice picture on the TV!

    I agree about Maks. When he started going off on Len, telling him to retire and claiming that DWTS is his show and he made it what it is, I started losing respect for him fast. As beautiful as that man is, I'm seeing he might be ugly on the inside.

  9. Alas, we will never hear from you again!

  10. Dr. Spo,

    Oh yes, you will hear from me again. I will write until I no longer can write. It may be a big TV and I have surround sound but nothing is better than writing and staying in contact with my friends.


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