Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maks Versus Len

Maksim Chmerkovsky/Len Goodman

So here is my take on the whole Maksim Chmerkovsky/Len Goodman dustup on "Dancing With the Stars".  For those of you not familiar with what happen, Len Goodman is a judge on "DWTS" and Maks is the professional dance partner of Hope Solo.  After Maks and Hope performed their rhumba dance (which was God Awful by the way), Len Goodman made judging comments to Maks and Hope.  Maks didn't agree when Len told both of them that they had just performed "the worst dance of the season."  I think what really got to Maks was that Len attributed "half of the fault" to Maks.  

Maks disagreed and Len said "I've been in this business for 50 years" at which time Maks said "Then maybe its time to go!" Maks went on to say "I've danced for 27 years, and I've won more titles than Len ever even participated in."  

Well let me tell you folks, things got a little awkward at this point on this live television show.  The normal back and forth, good humored criticism took a bit of a hit with Maks rude and disrespectful comments.   Then Maks made what I considered the jaw dropping comment of the evening when Maks said that DWTS was "my show" and he "helped make it what it is."  

Here we go folks.  Yes, Maks is an excellent dancer and he has certainly made a major contribution to the show.  In fact, Maks is one of my favorite dancers along with Derek Hough.  He is one of the main reasons I watch the show.  But Maks, now really, it's YOUR show?  No, no, no, you're just one of the parts of the whole wonderful mosaic that is "DWTS."  

But here is the major problem I have with Maks and his disrespectful and inappropriate comments to Len Goodman.  LEN IS THE JUDGE.  Like it or not Maks, he is judging you.  And I think he is an excellent judge.  If the judges are going to be all namby pamby and not really give honest criticisms of the dancers, then I won't watch the show.  "DWTS" would then be a popularity contest (which it is already to a certain level) and not just a dance contest.  

I agree with what my new favorite professional dancer Derek Hough said:

 "As a seasoned professional, [he] should know not to do that. There's a certain amount of self control you should have. Last week, I knew going in it wasn't going to be our best dance. I don't get upset about it, I expect it and then I take it with grace and move on."

Derek is a professional.  Maks may think he is a professional but on Monday night he showed where he falls short.  Sure, he wants to be the MAN and protect his LADY, Hope Solo.  Guess what?  I don't think Hope needs anyone to "protect" her.  She can handle herself quite well.  I think this is more about Maks' ego being trampled on in full view of millions.  His manhood was questioned.  Maks, get over it.  Be a professional like Derek.  

The first few seasons I didn't watch "DWTS" because I thought it was a popularity contest.  I watched "American Idol" mainly because of Simon Cowell.  I could trust him to offer an honest opinion of a contestant's performance.  I think all the judges on "DWTS" give honest critiques and I respect them for that.  

Now there was some criticism of Bruno referring to Chaz Bona as a "cute little penguin" when Chaz performed her his dance.  People, GET OVER IT!  "DWTS" is an entertainment show.  CHAZ DID LOOK LIKE A 'CUTE LITTLE PENGUIN.'  Okay?  In fact, I'm surprised that Chaz has lasted as long as he did on "DWTS."  I commend Chaz for all the hard work and actually he was a pretty good dancer in spite of his knee injury but come on folks, saying Chaz is a good dancer is like saying a dog who walks on two legs is a good walker.  It's not the fact that the dog is a good walker that amazes us but that a dog can walk at all on its two legs.  Let's get real folks. 

What is Chaz Bono's "celebrity" anyway besides being the daughter of Sonny and Cher. "Chaz Bono, author and activist?"  Guess what folks?  I'm an "author and activist" too. Been one for years!  You don't see me on "DWTS" do you?  Hey, you WOULDN'T WANT to see me on "DWTS."  If I was, the first time I would appear before the judges they would tear me apart and rightly so.  And you know what? I would go right back at them.  That's just the way I roll folks.  I don't take criticism lightly.  But then I'm not a professional dancer either.  That's why.  

So Maks, continue to perform your excellent dance routines and show your magnificent body butMaks, let the judges judge.  

Maks "The Body" - no two ways about it...Maks is nice!


  1. Len is a prissy twat, but you are correct, he IS the judge...and a good one. Max has a temper and is totally full of himself (I probably would be too if I looked and danced like him)and needs to keep his mouth shut. But he does add to the drama.

    one the other hand, judges should not be offering opinions of what the performers look like. stick to how they dance. calling chaz a fat penguin has nothing to do with his ability (or lack thereof) to dance.

    let's face it. they are all a bunch of bitches...dancers and judges. still, it's great entertainment.

    I particularly liked it last year when maks was paired with kirstie. he met his match with her and she gave him as much crap as he gave her. of course, kirstie is a much better dancer than hope (and chaz), but I don't recall any of the judges commenting on her size (oh, she looks like a hippo from "fantasia").

    I certainly don't think the stars should be afforded any special treatment, but how about sticking to the judging of talent and leave the name-calling for after hours?

  2. and I stand corrected. apparently, he was called a "cute" penguin, not a fat one. I guess that's a bit better, but not much.

  3. Jock,

    You beat me to the punch. I was going to correct you on the "fat" penquin. I agree with everything you say in your comments. The judges probably shouldn't make gratituous remarks about the physical appearance of the celebrities but it was funny. Having said that, would Bruno have said the same thing about Nancy Grace? I doubt it. Even though Bruno is a queen, he's guilty of thinking he can get away with bashing Chaz probably because Chaz is transgender, thus less of a human being in Bruno's mind. We all know gays can just as discriminatory as straights, especially towards transsexuals and transgender members of our community. He remark was unnecessary and needlessly hurtful to Chaz who is much braver than Bruno ever will be by just getting out there on the dance floor and putting his all into his performance every week. I have a lot more respect for Chaz than I do Bruno, or for Maks too. Thanks for your comments.

  4. Miles S.11:59 PM

    What I don't like about Len is that he is constantly worried about the people in the audience who CONSTANLY disagree with him. I love, love, love Maks' body!!!

  5. Miles S.
    Yes, you're right. Len does seem awfully concerned with that the people in the audience think of his judging. He should just ignore them and do his judging regardless of their boo's. No matter how bad the dancer/dancers, someone will always disagree with Len.

    You and are also right about Maks body. Man oh man, I could watch him dance forever. He is perfect.


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