Friday, October 07, 2011

Life After Steve

My friend Larry and his cat Thorne on FaceTime this morning

I am still saddened by the death of Steve Jobs.  I only just recently discovered Apple products this year after years of urging from my friends Larry (pictured above) and Don V.

This past year I have purchased an iMac, TWO iPhones and TWO iPads (one for Bill and one for me).  Our lives are infinitely better now that we are freed from the traps and quicksands of the Windows based operating systems and the second rate computers like Dell.

No longer do I have to call my Computer Guy to make a house call to fix the latest freeze up on our computers just because we happened to hit the wrong key.  I've saved hundreds of dollars plus countless hours of frustration now that my daily living experience is no longer dependent on Mr. Softee's (Bill Gates of Microsoft for those of you unaware) non user friendly software.  In fact my Computer Guy mentioned to me a few months ago that he "hadn't heard from me so you must be happy with your Mac."  YES I AM.

I am  truly saddened by the death of Steve Jobs.  I felt like I lost a personal friend who cared about me.  Steve Job's genius was creating a product that was user friendly and "fun to use."  No longer did we of the naturally non-tech persuasion have bow down to the arrogance and domination of a few nerd computer geeks who had their hands gripped tightly on our balls.  FREEDOM BABY!  That's what it's all about.

My only hope now is that Apple doesn't deteriorate into the usual Corporate Bog that happens to most companies when the original founding genius dies.  And we all know what that is.  Meet those quarterly goals, maximize the top executives' stock options and screw the public.  We'll know when this is happening when Apple outsources it's Help line to India.  If you call Apple Support and you get a person on the other end of the like that says "Hi!  I'm Brad.  Can I help you?" and Brad has one of those happy, tongue tied, high pitched Indian accents, then you know the End has arrived.

In the meantime, the next time the corporate executives do a new Apple product rollout, leave the jeans at home.  That only worked with Steve.  Jeans on you guys looks just plain weird.


  1. Ron,

    You have reason for concern:

    "The old message was "trust Steve," the new message has to be 'trust the team.' ... It's no longer the cult of personality." said Jim Post, a professor of corporate governance at Boston University School of Management who called for an independent chairman.

    "The board needs to be expanded. They need to bring on additional independent talent ..., people who were not living in Steve's shadow," he said.

    Be afraid, be very afraid, here come the MBAs and the bottom-line boobs. The useless flotsam that floats from corporation to corporation and are seldom visionary.


  2. You voiced my concerns exactly Lar. This is what always happens when the visionary leader of a great company leaves, it goes downhill and the "pros" take over. I think Apple has peaked. It will never be the same. I hope I am proven wrong.

  3. I think you have to keep on thinking "positive" regarding Apple. I really don't think the end is coming. If not this company, there will be another with young people even smarter than Steve Job. Technology is going to move on faster and faster, better and better, cheaper...

  4. I'm thinking positive about Apple Nadege. I had occasion to call a couple of days ago to update my iPhone and I expressed my concern that they will continue to provide excellent customer service. I also expressed condolences for their loss. I love my Apple products. My life is so much better because of Steve Jobs and his products.


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