Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Halloween 2011

Me, Halloween 1980

That Halloween party invitation still hasn't appeared in my mailbox.  Whatever could the matter be?  Perchance I don't have any friends down here in Gayberry to would be considerate enough to invite me to their Halloween party?  Would they really be that thoughtless and rude? Me thinks so.  Oh sure, there are the Halloween parties where you PAY to go.  No thanks.  I'm at the age where I need to be invited.  But alas, I think my chances of receiving a Halloween party invitation are about as likely as someone inviting me out to dinner to celebrate my 70th birthday which occurs nine days after Halloween.  Yep folks, I have a Halloweeney birthday.

No folks, I'm not hinting, just stating a fact.  In fact, if anyone invites me out now, I will turn them down flat.  In fact, one of my acquaintances (and he knows who he is) has said he "owes me a dinner."  Well folks, no one OWES me anything.  This was a birthday dinner from a couple of years ago.  He says to contact him but when I do he's never available.  He's always busy.  No time seems to be a good time for him.  You're wasting my time "friend."  One knows when one isn't interested.  If he was really interested he would make time.  That's like friends who say "Call me and we'll get together."  But when you all, they're never available.  Never.  Get a clue Ron.  They're NOT INTERESTED.  Been there, done that, tired of that, won't do that anymore.  Bye bye.

To be very frank with you all, I'm going through a transition right now.  I'm fed up with my job and the way the owner treats me.  Fed up.  Last night was the last straw.  I won't go into detail here because I still work there but for how much longer I don't know.  Come this April I will have worked at this establishment FIVE YEARS and only had ONE raise and that was three months after I started.  Since then...nada.  Yes, I know I'm very patient.  I put up with crap that hardly anyone else will put up with.  Maybe that's why I set myself up so often to be taken advantage of.  I'm on call 24/7.  I work part-time but am frequently called to go in and fill in for my co-workers for a variety of reasons.  I always go in.  I've never turned them down in the 4 1/2 years I worked there.  I do an excellent job.  I go above and  beyond.  Never a word of thanks, never a sign of recognition.  I've had it.

I'll be 70 years old nine days after Halloween (which I do believe I said before but it bears saying again).  Perhaps it is time for me to take stock and assess where I stand now.  Do you know the number one reason workers are dissatisfied with their job?  No, it's not the money.  The number one reason is a lack of appreciation or recognition.  I don't get the money nor the appreciation or recognition.  All I get is grief because I don't have the ability to read someone's mind.  At this time of my life do I need this stress?  Especially when I'm looking at a possible case of prostate cancer?  My appointment with my urologist is October 14th.  Yep folks, that's what I'm looking at, another Journey.

So here is the situation.  I've stocked up on candy for the little neighborhood munchkins.  All chocolate mind you.  I know what I liked when I was a kid, none of that cheap candy, give me chocolate!  I have my costumes.  Maybe I'll put one on when I answer when the little darlings ring my door bell Halloween Eve.  Lord knows I won't be going to any parties.  One would think living in Gayberry I would be inundated with invites since Halloween is the big GAY HOLIDAY.  I may not of inherited the gay gene that gets a hard on over Broadway musicals but I certainly do get INVOLVED with Halloween.  So if I'm going to have a happy Halloween this year, I'll just have to make it myself.

By the way, I didn't have a chance to watch "Dancing With the Stars" last night because I WAS WORKING LAST NIGHT. Yep folks, I was called in again to work nights that I'm not usually scheduled to work. I'm working again tonight so I won't be able to see the elimination round.

Do I sound a little bitter and cynical today?  All I can say to that is that you all are very perceptive.  One good thing, I do see the sun shining outside for the first time in what seems like weeks.

Have a great day everyone! Maybe I'll be more upbeat and cheerful on my next blog posting, but then maybe not.  Just like Forest Gump said about life being a like a box of chocolates, "You never know what you're going to get."  You sure don't.

Me (on the right!) with my neighbor Barbara - 2009


  1. I hope that today is a better day for you, Ron! ((HUGS))

    P.S. I think that it's either going to be Chaz, that Kardashian guy or the soccer player that are going home tonight.

  2. Hi Bryan (Tiger?)

    I just had a talk with my cousin Tom. I feel a LOT better now. I too think either Chaz or Rob Kardashain will go home tonight, and I didn't even see the dancing last night! They probably should have went home last week.

  3. anne marie in philly12:17 PM

    go ahead and quit; see what other sucker will take the bait and work on call.

    I like both pix, esp. the last one. reminds me of the crypt keeper!

    do what you feel and feel what you do - otherwise, life sux!

  4. I'm always suprised when business people don't seem to understand that by recognizing their employees with the simplicity of appreciation and thank yous they earn loyalty which engenders subsequent efforts by their employees that transcend anything that they could imagine or request.

    I am sad that you have to work so hard for such dim-bulbs.

    Great 2009 costume!

  5. Will,

    I too am always surprised that a simple statement like saying "thank you" or some sign of appreciation would go so far to improve employee morale but so many bosses/owners are so stupid and ignorant that it never occurs to them to do this one simple act.

    I like to work (part-time), I like the people I work with, I like the type of work I do and I like most of the guests/customers but it all goes down the drain when I'm not appreciated either by word or monetary renumeration. Although I will miss the job, I can no longer continue to work under such circumstances.

  6. Anne Marie,

    The hotel will survive without me, that's for sure. However, they will never get anyone who does the job I do for them. Never. If I leave, it is their loss.

  7. throw yourself into All Hallow's Eve and screw work.

  8. Dr. Spo!

    As always, the best advice! Have a great day.


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