Thursday, October 13, 2011

Getting Back in Sync

Me at one of my favorite activities - at my computer

As regular readers of this blog now know, I've been absent from the blogging scene for a few days.

There were several reasons why.

  • My family reunion (which was held last Sunday
  • My work situation (had a meeting with my boss and manger yesterday)
  • My health situation (I have an appointment with my urologist tomorrow morning

The family reunion went off as planned on Sunday.  I was disappointed and saddened that one whole branch of the family didn't show up, not a one.  This branch always shows up but for some reason, they all found something else to do this past Sunday.  None even had the courtesy (except one) to even tell me.   In spite of their absence the reunion was a success.  Sunday was a 79 degree sunny day. We could not have asked for a better day for a reunion.  My blogger friend Mark H. was there to take photos while I mingled with family members, introducing new family members to each other, which is one of the main reasons I asked Mark to take photos so I would have time to talk to everyone.  I will share some of the photos Mark took in future blog postings.  You have been warned.

Yesterday afternoon I met with my manager and the owner of the hotel.  We aired our concerns and now I am much more comfortable with my work situation.  I will continue working there.  I didn't really want to leave but if I didn't get a raise I was ready to walk.  The owner had some concerns too which he put to me. I understand his concerns and will do my best to implement them.  

My appointment with my urologist finally arrived. In today's medical establishment one has to make an appointment at least two months in advance.  Yep, we got the best health care in the world.  Really?  Anyway, I have my appointment tomorrow for my digital exam.  Not looking forward to it but it is necessary.  I'll probably get another blood test to see if my PSA count is still high.  In the past two months I've been receiving a lot of advice as to what course I should take since I found out that I may have prostate cancer.  I'm on overload.  I hope this all come to naught but if it doesn't, then I'm ready for this next chapter of the Life of Ronald Tipton.  

And that reminds me, my former friend and neighbor who was sent home to die a couple of weeks ago.  He died last Thursday.  He was the same age as me.  Not a comforting thought.  

Now to put all this activity of the past few weeks behind me and get back in synch and begin anew.  One good thing, while I was visiting in Downingtown this past weekend I found a new cemetery that is almost virgin territory.  It is the Catholic cemetery for Downingtown.  I saw many familiar names from my Previous Life in Downingtown.  I was among friends.  I took some pictures but I will be back in a week or two for a more complete visit to finish my photo taking.

There are three activities that I find very relaxing and calming at this time of my life:

  • Blogging
  • Visiting cemeteries and taking photos
  • Working in my backyard
I plan to do a lot more of these activities in the next months.  I need some soothing.


  1. anne marie in philly11:24 AM

    I forgot about the reunion.

    sorry to hear about your neighbor passing; he is now at peace, no more suffering. may his husband find comfort in happy memories.

    keep us posted about tomorrow.

    and YAYZ for job mediation!

  2. Ron, I've been waiting all week for you to write about the Reunion. In fact, I barely looked at the photos because I want to be surprised to see what you do with them. You know, lighting and cropping and such.
    I really am thinking about you and your health. In fact, it was on my mind as I watched you enjoy your Family this past Sunday. It was good to see you smile and laugh. I think I got it on film. Well, digital that is!
    Take care

  3. Welcome back...and just keep taking it a step at a time...just as you are.

    Will J

  4. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Ron, Wishing you well on your exam tomorrow. There has been a lot of news lately about how inaccurate PSA tests are; try not to worry too much.
    Lynne in Annapolis

  5. I'm glad that you're back in the Blogosphere! :)

    I'm also gald that things got sorted out at your job. That must put your mind at ease now.

    Also, good luck on your appointment. :)

  6. Anne Marie,

    It's good to be back. The reunion took up a lot of my time the past week. First the trip to Pennsylvania then organizing and coordinating. I enjoy the reunions but I am also glad that burden is off of my back now.

  7. Mark,

    I have many (hundreds actually) good pictures that you took at the reunion. I've posted some of them to my Facebook account and am receiving many positive comments. I wasn't sure if I was going to post anything about the reunion to my blog. I was considering posting only to my Tipton Tales and Trails blog. However, I think I will post to both blogs and risk boring my followers. :)Thanks again for the great photography. I feel a little guilty for all the hard work you did. All that kneeling, bending and stooping er, taking pictures of course. :)

  8. Will,

    That is exactly what I am doing, taking one step at a time. I fear that if I stay away too long from my blog posting, I will never go back. I'm getting back in the groove slowly.

  9. Lynn,

    Yes, I've read those reports. I don't feel as worried now. However, I will feel better after tomorrows consultation with my urologist. This is something that is hanging over my head. I'll be glad when this dark cloud is gone.

  10. Tiger,

    I am very relieved that my situation at work has been resolved. I couldn't get it off of my mind. It had to be resolved and it was.

  11. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Hi Ron,

    Wow, you have had a busy week. Glad to hear the reunion went well & also the talk you & your boss had. I'm sure you both feel better after clearing the air.

    Good luck on your dr's appt. tomorrow. Hopefully you will get good news!


  12. I was glad to read your entry, and get caught up. I am glad the reunion went well enough/work is a bit more settled.


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