Friday, October 14, 2011

Family Reunion

My cousin Rita and her new grandson, Wes (three weeks old)!

Okay folks, I had all good intentions of posting a well thought out blog entry this morning but wouldn't you know it, I got a call from my fellow worker at the hotel asking if I could take her shift tonight and tomorrow morning.  There goes my time off.  I just got off two days of working.  Believe it or not, I am SUPPOSED to work two night a week (Wednesdays and Thursdays) but this past month I've basically been working FULLTIME. I did have a meeting with the owner of the hotel requesting a raise (the first one in almost five years) and he did grant it.  Since I've never turned down a request to go in on short notice (like this morning) I think that was the least he could do.  Thank you.

So here is the shortened version of my "thoughtful post" about my family reunion.  I'll be doing several posts about my family reunion.  Just to back up a bit, a couple of reasons I haven't been posting much lately is because of the stress of the preparing for the family reunion and my situation at work which I think has been least for now.  And, a big "AND", in a few hours I have my long awaited appointment with my urologist to find if I have prostate cancer.  That has been preying on my mind too, what with all the options for treatment if in fact I do have prostate cancer.  I was planning on having a few days off to deal with this but apparently that is not the case...again.   So much for working part-time.  Hey, I don't mind filling in....occasionally, but this is getting to be a regular feature of my job.  I can't make plans to eat (I only eat crackers for dinner when I work at the hotel - have to be available for the guests don't you know).

Enough with my bitching about my current situation.  Here is the good news.  My friend and fellow blogger Mark took pictures for me at my family reunion.  He took over 800 photos.  I asked him to take pictures because I noticed how wonderful his photos are on his blog.  Well, he didn't disappoint.  He took fabulous pictures which I am now sharing with my family and friends on Facebook.  I'm going to post some on this blog also.

Thanks Mark!

My apologies to all for my hurried and rushed posting.  I wish I had more time but until I get back on a regular work schedule and get this medical question resolved, I will be in a somewhat unsettled state.


  1. Ron,

    may have been one danger in your pointing out to the boss how you never turned down a request to fill in. Might even get more such calls. :)

    I will be waiting with fingers crossed for your news about todays appointment.


  2. I can't wait to see the pictures. Mark is a very good photographer indeed and I have seen gorgeous pictures of his (and Fred's) children.
    Keep on working as much as you want, save your money and do whatever you please with it. Just be happy with whatever you decide. I have read conflicting advice about prostate cancer. Somehow, I think you will be just fine.

  3. Ron, Rita was one of my favorite people at your reunion. She has a great spirit I loved seeing her with her grandbaby.
    I hope that all went well today.

  4. Larry,

    I'm at work again...for the next two days. I was called this morning to come to work today at 3 to 11 for Monica then 7 to 3 tomorrow again for Monica. This is getting old.

  5. Nadege,

    Mark is a very talented photographer. More talented than he gives himself credit for. I will share more of his talented pictures in future blogs. My appointment today confirmed that I need to have biopsies. That will happen in December. I will write a blog posting about it.

  6. Fran,

    Thank you for your comment. My appointment today confirmed that I need to get a biopisy. That will happen in December. Thus I still have a cloud hanging over my head. I will write about today's experience as soon as I can get off this heavy work schedule I seem to be stuck on. I thought I was working part-time but apparently not. Working part-time seems to be a rarity these days.

  7. Ron,

    This is the thing that drives me crazy...waiting. December?!! One can deal with knowing; it is not knowing that wears one down.

    I start work Monday, but as of now I don't really know how many days or hours.


  8. I'm sorry to hear about you cancer if you need any advice I have plenty that you don't find in the books. I also you and my same age as you mother will out live me.


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