Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Why I Don't Play Games

Bill taking an umbrella out to our neighbor Bob who was mowing his lawn before the rains came

When I was young I loved to play games like hide 'n seek, marbles, Monopoly, and pinochle.  When I was in the Army me and my Army buddies passed many a boring evening playing pinochle.  I loved it!

I also loved to bowl and I followed the Philadlephia Phillies and Eagles with a passion unmatched by few.  However something happened on the way to adulthood.  I grew disenchanted with games.  I felt like they were a waste of time for me.  Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against games and those who play them. But when I acquired all the responsibilities of adulthood I found different outlets to relax.

Everyone needs that balance from work.  Something they enjoy doing.  Somethings that works to relieve the stress.  What I found works for me are hobbies that accomplish something. For me playing golf accomplishes nothing other than keeping a golf course in business.  Again, I think that's great for those who love the game but it's not for me.

So this is what I do to relieve myself of the stress of everyday life.

  • I research my family genealogy.  I could do this for hours.  I never tire of it.  
  • I roam cemeteries and record the information on tombstones and take pictures of the same tombstones and update my Find a Grave account
  • I take digital photography
  • I blog
  • I garden
  • I cook
These are just some of my pastimes.  Some years ago I also used to do crewel and counted cross stitch pictures.  What do all of these activities have in common?  I am producing something.  Yes, I am producing.

This morning as Bill and I were going to the Dover Mall in Dover this morning to pick up my new cool (and expensive) glasses at Lenscrafters, I got to wondering why I don't like to play games any more.  And then it came to me.  I have to accomplish something other than getting two under par or beating everyone in pinochle.  I have to have an end product to my efforts.  I need something to show for my efforts.

I know other people who do the same thing.  Think Dr. Spo and his fabulous Spo Shirts.  Think Tai and his wonderful counted cross stitch pictures.  Think my longtime good friend Larry and his poetry.  We're all accomplishing something.  I don't know if any of us just engages in throwing the dice and playing cards.  

So this is what I was thinking today in my never ending process of figuring out how and why I tick.  This folks is my lifelong quest, why I am the way I am.  

We're all different and we all have our needs and what relaxes us.  This is what relaxes me and makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile.  Now excuse me while I prepare a flyer for my family reunion which I'm organizing for this October.

Note of the picture on this blog.  No, it has nothing to do with the blog.  I took it of Bill as he was playing a joke on our neighbor Bob who was trying to get his lawn mowed before the rains came.  It's a running joke between us.  Last week while Bill was mowing the lawn the skies opened and Bill had to put his John Deere in high gear to get it back in the shed.  He didn't make it. He was soaked.  Our neighbor Bob watched the whole scenario and got quite a kick out of it.  Bill is just returning the favor.  Good natured kidding.  That's what it's all about folks.  Good neighbors, good times.  


  1. I love playing games... last night, John and I played a sort of dungeons and dragons/risk/monopoly game called Carcassonne. With my ex, we used to actually color in coloring books and do crafts... and by myself, I like to do crossword puzzles called Acrostics. It's good to stay busy... keep your mind active and it's fun!

  2. anne marie in philly7:11 PM

    I knit, read REAL books (not an electronic device), listen to music. these things are my stress busters.

    and I appreciate anyone who has a knack for the fiber arts; yes, counted cross stitch is a fiber art!

    do you still have any of those pieces?

  3. I easily get bored of playing games. I don't like gambling games.
    Talking about my counted cross stitching I have at least 3 unfinished pictures at the moment LOL

  4. And I thought Bill was just doing his Mary Poppins impression! ;-)

  5. D@vid,

    I think that's great! As I said, I used to play all kinds of games and I enjoyed them tremendously. But I found as I've gotten older I just don't have the time. LIke today, I just got off of my Ancestry.com account. I had 90 messages that needed answering. I love doing my family research but I just can't keep up. The past few weeks I've been spending a lot of my time posting my hundreds of gravestone pictures to my Find a Grave account. I also enjoy that activity very much. In fact I'm planning a spring trip to North Carolina and Tennessee to photograph more family graves. I love it! So you see, I just don't have the time for games. I wish I did. Then there is the blogging which I also love. So much to do, so little time. And I'm retired!

  6. Ray,

    You should see the other picture I have of him! He didn't know I was taking this picture and when he found out I did, he threatened me! He was all thrilled because he was paying back his neighbor for kidding him last week when he was mowing the lawn before it rained.

  7. Tai,

    When I lived in the city, before computers and I didn't have a garden, I did crewel and counted cross stitch. I had so many kits that I was going to work on. I finished quite a few (which I will take a picture of and post) but many I never got a chance to do again once I moved out in the country. I would love to have the time to sew again but I just don't have the time. Maybe one of two more before I depart. L)

  8. don't mistake the end product for the point of a past time. I think whatever floats your boat is the object, not to have a physical matter to show for it.

  9. Dr. Spo,

    Again you have given me advice that has changed my way of thinking. I feel I should pay you. You are a good and valuable friend.


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