Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thoughts at the End of Summer

Knock out roses from our back yard

 Wow, this summer has gone by fast.  Just a couple more weeks an it's Labor Day, the official end of summer.  I think the reason the summer seemed to go by so fast was because of the long heat wave.  We stay inside most of the time, neither one of us can take the heat and humidity.  Two weeks after Labor Day, summer if officially at an end here in Summer Resort Land.

I worked at the hotel last night.  Busy again.  I'm working again tonight and tomorrow night then on Friday I go to the VA Outpatient clinic my new lab testing.  Then I'm off the weekend and don't go to work until next Thursday.  I'm looking forward to having that time off while I await the results of my PSA test.

All kinds of crazy things are going through my mind but one thing I'm not all that concerned about is if I die. Hey, we're all going to die someday.  It's just that some may know when they die.  In a way that is an advantage because you can plan.   I wish I had called my friend Ron B. and talked to him before he died.  Ron had terminal cancer which he knew of.  He and his wife took a trip to Europe after he got his diagnosis.

My friend and former worker Anne Marie sent me an e-mail when she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.  She said she was "overwhelmed" and that was the last I heard from her.  I did hear that she took another trip to Acapulco, Mexico with her family.  I worked with her back in the late 70's when she took her first trip to Acapulco and remember how much she loved Acapulco.

I think I'll have me some Smoky Mountains, thank you

If I got that kind of news the only trip I would make is another trip down south like Bill and I did this past May.  By the way, I know I still have to post about that trip.  I have tons of great pictures.  This was the second year that Bill and I made the Swing Through the South.  We loved it.  We're already planning our trip for next spring.  I like visiting my paternal ancestors' cemeteries and also the beauty of the South.

Me in Cades Cove Tennessee in May soaking up the Smoky Mountains

So everything is still in a holding pattern here until I get a resolution of my high PSA score.  I want to write about something more positive and happy but I'm having a hard time getting into that mood.


  1. At least you're staying busy with work. You would go crazy just sitting around the house worrying.
    Take care.

  2. Ron,

    Don't know if you read my last post, "A History of Work". You got a mention.

    I am making a transition of my own. You might have noticed, if you've been there, some different looks to my Blogs.

    been nice not to have so much heat. Brandywine is back to being full again. Was nice out this morning, but I see rain is called for the next four days.

    Two days of work this week, unless they cancel me out tomorrow.

    I sent some old photos to that Downingtown Hist-o-graph. The guy says he'll probably put some in the next issue.


  3. Larry,

    I haven't had a chance to read your latest blog posting. I"ll do that tonight at work. I worked last night and I work tomorrow night. I am so thankful for the milder weather. I welcome autumn!

  4. I'm feeling you, Ron. I know how a high PSA can suddenly change everything. My father in law and two brothers in law all had prostate cancer and subsequent surgeries and chemo/radiation, and all came through it fine. My father in law came through the best, and he's the oldest of them. I got my fingers crossed for you.

    The leaves are starting to fall from the tree in my backyard. It's weird, considering the month we are in. My calendar says we still have 5 more weeks of summer. How are your trees doing?

  5. Mark,

    I don't need my part-time job at the hotel to keep me busy and from thinking of my current situation. I have more than enough to do just at home. I'm not worried as much as I am resigned. I'm thinking now of getting things organized. Things I've been putting off way too long. At least I got my will redone. I had a feeling about that.

  6. After a few death scares, I am familiar with my mortality: I try to see every day now as the beginning of the end and I act accordingly.

  7. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Hi Ron,

    I want to wish you luck tomorrow on your PSA test. My husband is waiting for the results of his now, although so far it has been normal. I hope the elevation in yours is just a fluke but your outlook is just amazing. We are a lot alike as I prepare myself for the worst & am always blessed with an outcome of anything less.

    I really enjoy the pictures you post. The rainbow one was lovely. I'm in awe of the well manicured lawns in your development. I'm sure it's a pleasure taking walks thru there.

    Again, well wishes are sent your way!


  8. Fran,

    Thank you for your well wishes. I'm ready for my test tomorrow. It will probably be a few weeks until I get the result. In the meantime I go on living. I can't let this hold me back and I won't. I hope your husband's test comes back normal. Yes, we're alike in that we prepare for the worst. I'm ready if that happens.

  9. Dr. Spo,

    Same here, to me each day is a new beginning. This may be an overused cliche but that is really the way I see each day. Like you I've had a few brushes with death (one very serious when I was only 17 years old). Every day since then I have counted as "gravy." Every day is a bonus to me at my age.
    Have a great day!

  10. It looks like Blogger ate my comment. I don't see it. I'm not going to try to reconstruct it.
    Good luck on your re-test.


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