Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rehoboth Avenue Closed

It is now official, Rehoboth Avenue is closed.  If you manage to go in, they won't let you out.  It's a good thing Bill and I went early this morning for me to take my videos.

Just think, a Saturday afternoon in August on the main drag in Rehoboth and you can't get out.  Hey, that's what it was like the last time I was in on a weekend day, I couldn't get out.


  1. You shouldn't have been allowed in this morning. You should have stayed put.
    Too many hurricane gawkers roaming around. You could have been issued a summons for being stoopid enough to drive into town just to see the ocean and take videos. It's a ghost town for a reason.
    City officials have their hands full coping with shop owners checking on their businesses and dumb-ass tourists who chose, for whatever asinine reason, to stay.

  2. Wayne,
    There was no hurricane this morning. That's why I went in early. Of course I wouldn't be STOOPID enough to go out in this and get in the way of anybody. Boy, I'm glad you're not in a position of authority.


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