Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Through our back door to the deck after the thunderstorm last night - WET!

The rains cometh!  Yes, last night we finally got a good old fashion thunder storm that dumped about two inches of rain on our parched earth.

Last night, just as I was bout to embark on my daily early evening walk in the Oyster Rocks development behind me, the skies darkened and the rains came.  Normally I would be disappointed and complain about the timing but not last night.  Like most of the rest of the country, our little patch here on the Delmarva peninsula on the East coast has also been baking under 90 plus degree heat for about three weeks with temperatures occasionally reaching into the triple digits.

Bill and I ride by the cornfields that are not irrigated and see only dry corn stalks, brown and brittle under the blazing August sun.  As if the economy isn't already bad enough, the poor farmers have to suffer.

Chickens on their way to their doom

The other major industry down here in Slower Lower (aka Sussex County, DE) is the poultry industry.  Yes, the chickens are still being hauled to their doom at the various butcher processing plants panting in cramp cages stacked high on a flat bed truck not knowing what fate awaits them.  The corn to feed them is so expensive now that one of the chicken killing processing plants declared bankruptcy.  Not to worry, a Korean conglomerate bought the so business will continue as usual but with an Oriental twist (I thought the Koreans preferred to eat dogs).

The hoards of summer suckers tourists are still descending on our main parking lot through route (Route 1 - The Coastal Highway), seeking relief in the murky waves of the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean washing ashore in Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, Bethaney Beach and Ocean City, Maryland.

The traffic starts streaming down south to the shore points unabated on Thursday and goes the opposite direction on Sunday.  Clogged traffic on Route 1 in the summertime is as sure as the sun rising in the morning, lousy economy notwithstanding.  In fact, many of the new guests I'm checking in the hotel are from New Jersey.  Talking to them I found out they have decided they had enough of the "Jersey Shore" doofuses kids and wanted something "quiet" but not too far away.  Hey, that's what the Cape May-Lewes Ferry is for.

We have about three more weeks of this madness summer season then it's Labor Day and the Beginning of the End.  Hey, I am so grateful for all the money the Horde summer guests leave on our fair shores but it sure will be nice to get our town back again.  It's going to be great to see the temperatures "cool down" to the 80's too.  I can't wait!


  1. anne marie in philly7:21 PM

    and that's why I like the beach in the winter months.

    the end.

  2. Love that first photo! m.

  3. Anne Marie,

    I LOVE the beach in the late fall and winter. That is MY TIME at the beach!

  4. Mark,

    I thought you would like that picture. Actually, that picture was a mistake. I was trying to take a picture of the setting sun while it was raining but when I took the picture it focused on the door instead. I liked the effect so much that I made it my background wallpaper picture on my iPhone!

  5. I am always mad-jealous when I hear about rain, especially a thunderstorm. Next week when I am in Ontario, I want a midwest thunderstorm, no rubbish!

  6. Ron,

    Bit behind in reading your Posts. Lot of damage from that storm up here. We were fortunate, our power came back on by 9:00 PM Wednesday night. Some people were still in the dark late Thursday. Lights were out for a while in our part of the mall when I was at work. They came back, then went out a couple more times. I came home and no power in our neighborhood. It went out between noon and 1:00 I guess when the possible tornado hit the county. Lot of trees and telephone poles down.

    I also see several streets flooded, but the rain, though, intense, was short lived and probably ran off without doing the crops a lot of good.


  7. Dr. Spo,

    We have received very little rain this summer. This rain, while heave and ferocious, was very welcome.


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