Monday, August 22, 2011

My Family Tree

Samuel Pennell Hannum 1836-1911 (Pennsylvania Quaker)
My great-great-grandfather on my Mother's side of the family

This is where I will be the next few weeks, furiously updating my family tree on  I've left it go long enough.  My relatives are dying off, I'm losing valuable information. and are great resource tools to help me update my family tree.  I want to do this now in case I'm not around.  Someday THAT will happen, be not being "around."

Now I may "go" tomorrow, wiped out by a rude tourist on Route 1 anxious to get to Rehoboth and a parking spot near the beach.   Maybe I do have prostate cancer and my days are numbered (I really don't believe that but I'm prepared).  Then maybe I'll live to be 100 years old but we all know how fast time flies by (when you're having fun and I always have fun).

I started my family genealogy research back in April of 1994.  Since that time I  had periods when I was hot and heavy on the research and then there were those periods where Life interrupted.  Then I had periods when I got buried into the research again.  One thing about researching family genealogy, it does take over your life.

My family tree- click to make picture larger

I was up until 2 am this morning trying to reconcile the dates of my great-great-grandfather Samuel Pennell Hannum.  I love this kind of work, LOVE IT! I can imagine people having jobs like this that they love so much that they don't even make time to eat, go to the bathroom or sleep.  That's the way it is with me when I'm digging into my family history and updating records.

As I said, I love this activity.  I was worried that if I did kick the bucket all my information would be lost.  Now I'm not so worried.  I'm putting all my information on and Find a Grave.  That information will be there forever for whoever wants to garner it for their own records.  I was really worried that all my research would be lost once I was gone.  I feel so relieved now that I know that isn't going to happen.

Maybe I needed something like that high PSA count to give me a kick start.  Fate has a strange way of working.  I am very happy the way things are working out now.


  1. This is an interesting work I think. It's great that you can track back in order to know your ancestors. All I know (from my father) that my great grand father was an orphan. In my mother side I know nothing. There is no such database for Vietnamese, in case I wanna research for my ancestors.

  2. I have some of those Quakers in my family tree as well. If you go back far enough we are all related.

  3. Tai,

    Researching my family history is the one thing that gives me true satisfaction. It's almost better than sex. In fact, it is. I love it! I sympathize with anyone who doesn't have the ability to find out where they came from. I understand myself so much better now knowing about both of my parent's ancestors. I know where they lived and what they did for a living and I can see the documents that prove it like the census records, birth and death certificates. So interesting.

  4. Meadow,

    You're right, go back far enough and we're all tied in somewhere. Have you checked your family tree on

  5. I love this sort of work/hobby as well
    Happily I come from a family with lots similar, so it is mostly 'done already'; I merely have to ask my relatives.
    In my family, you get a 'family owners manual' when you are born.

  6. Ron,

    You should identify where that photo is at the top of your Blog with you playing pool. It's quite different than your usual scenes.

    I just hit another vain of family on Ancestry after putting in some data from find-a-Grave.



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