Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Man Flies!

Bill and I took an impromptu trip to our old home in Pennsylvania today. We just got back about a half hour ago and this is what we saw flying over our back yard...two men in their flying machines.  I you look closely you'll see that both of them are sitting in chair like contraptions with their legs dangling.  Wow.  Talk about being afraid of heights.

When I was up in Pennsylvania I stopped in to visit my brother Isaac.  He was telling me what an adventure it was for him to climb up on his single story ranch house roof to put a scree over the chimney so the stink bugs won't get in the house this year.  He said "this old man can't climb anymore."  I agreed with him.  Heights didn't use to bother me but they bother me now.  Maybe it has something to do with getting older.

Watching these two guys fly around the sky right above us like a couple of noisy mosquitoes was interesting.  The view from up there has to be great.  Imagine the great shots with my new Canon SLR I could take from that angle.  But after thinking it over for about three seconds and seeing those guys dangling their legs from their chair in the sky, I don't think I'll be going up anytime soon.  What I can't figure out is how do they get down?


My friend Lar wanted to know about the header picture on this blog.  He said it wasn't my usual scenic shot.  He thought an explanation might be in order.  So here it is, this picture was taken about four years ago at the Double L Bar in Rehoboth Beach.  That's me getting ready to make the break the balls (no pun intended) and my longtime friend Big Bob watching.  

The Double L bar is a gay leather and western bar.  "Gay and western" means that it is a butch gay bar  and not your regular gay dance bar with drag shows.  That's for the "other" gay guys.  We butch gay guys prefer pool instead of seeing a fat gay guy in drag impersonate Liza for the millionth time.  I'm not making judgments here, just stating a fact. No offense to anyone if the glass slipper shoe fits.


  1. I am shocked and scandalized you patronize a gay bar !
    It will lead to cards - and social dancing.

  2. Am I allowed if I wanna have a drink in butch bar? Are they gonna ask me something?

  3. Ron,

    I have had the opposite of you as I age. My fear of hight has dissipated some, but not to the point you'd get me up in one of those things.


  4. That's pretty cool!

  5. Ah, so you're "butch" now, huh? Okay! wink!

  6. Dr. Spo,

    I don't go to gay bars now. I can't keep my eyes open that late. Besides, that bar where I was playing pool? It's now a dance floor. PUHLEEZE!

  7. Tai,

    You're welcomed in any bar we have here!

  8. Lar,

    A lot of strange things are happening to me as I age, most of them not good. By the way, I got my new PSA score back, it's still high. Next stop: My Urologist.

  9. Rick,

    I could see you up in one of those. You seem like a pretty cool guy. Yes, I definitely could see you up there sitting in a chair in the sky with your legs dangling.

  10. Mark

    I've ALWAYS been butch. You know something I don't know? :)


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