Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene's Rains Arrive

Hurricane Irene isn't expected to hit us here on the east coast of the Delmarva peninsula but as you can see by the video, her rains have already arrived.  As I expected, the heavy rains are beating down my impatiens flowers.  Oh well, it happens every summer.  At least we enjoyed them for about a week after the summer long heat wave subsided about a week ago.

Look at the water that accumulates on the road out in front of our driveway, that's my worry.  During just a regular rainstorm we have a small pond out there.  I can't imagine what six hours or more of heavy rain will do to our little "pond" at the entrance to our driveway.

A friend just called from Pennsylvania.  He told me he heard on the news there was a tornado warning for the Milton area of Sussex County.  Oh wonderful, that's what we need now in addition to the oncoming tornado, possible floods and almost certain loss of power.

It's about time for my afternoon nap.  I'm hoping when I wake up all this has passed our little niche on the east coast of southern Delaware.


  1. Ron,

    Still awaiting the big blow here at 4:45 PM Sat. I was thinking while watching your videos about the timing of this a week before eLabor Day weekend, last big blast for shore businesses of the summer. Bummer.


  2. A lot of money will be lost this weekend Lar, a LOT.


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