Sunday, August 07, 2011

I Found a Fairy in my Garden

The Garden Fairy

Hey folks!  Guess what?  I found a fairy in my garden.  Actually, it's some little doodad that I picked up at the Sears garden shop last year.  It had a solar light in it which was sort of cool at nighttime.  I don't know what happened but the solar light doesn't work anymore.  I didn't have the heart to throw out the whole thing so here it is, my Garden Fairy.

A note:  I had to post something pretty after that terrible mug shot I posted earlier today.  I can't let that hang out there.  What was I thinking?

I smell fresh homemade tomato soup.  Later.


  1. By coincidence, my Garden Gargoyle just lost his legs.
    After 15 years in my gardens.

  2. Ron,

    Don't have a garden. What I need is the Yard Fairy to come and magically cut my grass in the night. I wasn't mowing in the extreme heat and the grass wasn't growing anyway, but last week we had a few rain showers and now...well, I won't find any Garden Fairy, but beware the snakes.


  3. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Your garden looks like it is holding it's own with the heat. With the exception of the Basil and Italian Parsley it has done in the tomatoes and everything else. Is there a local shelter you could take the tomatoes to? Envious here as both my plants are putting out one or two tomatoes at best at a time.


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