Saturday, August 06, 2011

Bill Dogged

Bill trying to not get run over by a lady in her go cart

Wow, was that ever a negative posting I did yesterday?  I do have to offset that with something either beautiful or funny.  I think I'll go with funny today.

This morning Bill and I traveled up Rt. 1 to the old historic town of Milford, Delaware.  Actually, I think all of the towns of Delaware are "old historic towns."  We don't have many new towns.  In fact, I can't think of one.  Well, anyway so we head on up to Milford to check out the Salvation Army thrift store that our friend Bob C. has been telling us about.  Bill and I like to troll thrift stores on Saturday mornings so we thought we would see if the Milford Salvation Army thrift store was worthy enough to be added to our list.

Well, the short answer is "no."  It's great for clothing. We saw a lot of Hispanic families in there this morning replenishing their children's wardrobes.  By the way, ever notice how Hispanic children never scream or cry like our little American white and black children.  Apparently whining children is a uniquely American phenomena.  Either the Hispanic children are naturally well behaved or their parents are careful with their children when out in public.  I think the latter is the reason.  Too many American parents take leave of their parental responsibilities once they're out in public.  I'm not condemning, just stating my experience.  It is the rare parent who has well behaved children in public.  Uh oh, there I go being negative again.

This thrift store had a lot of "stuff" and it WAS clean but did have that Salvation Army musty smell.  Maybe the smell was from all those used clothes hanging on the racks.  I doubt that the Army had their washers working overtime cleaning them.

I did manage to find a few things (like I need anything else).  One was one of those jester porcelain masks that I am so fond of.  I got that baby for a couple bucks.  That will go with my collection on my bedroom wall.  The other thing I found was two books called "Your Story, A Guided Interview Through Your Personal & Family History."  These are blank books with questions  about your personal history.  How cool!  This is a good start to writing my autobiography which I've been planning on doing for the last forty years.  Bout time I started don't you think?  They only cost $1.99 each so I got one for me and one for Bill. He won't fill it out so I'll just ask him questions and fill it out for him.  Very cool.

So you're probably wondering where is the funny part to this posting?  Check out the picture on the top.  That's Bill being tailgated by a Jabba the Hut woman on her go cart.  Oh how that drives Bill crazy when he goes to Walmart and he has to dodge all the fatties on their wheelies.  I just had to take this picture for the record.  Every time Bill moved she was just inches behind him.  I love it!  Bill, not so much.

More good stuff tomorrow.  I'll try to keep my negative blog postings down to no more than one a week.  I just had to post my screed yesterday to get it out of my system.  If I keep that stuff bottled up in me it just makes me depressed and not wanting to do anything.  There is a lot more to life than my little minor issues. For instance, we just had another house in our development go up for a sherif's sale.  There are more lives ruined, so sad.
Another one bites the dust - the latest home in our development to go to sherif's sale


  1. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I have to stay out of thrift stores ..... just like I need to stay out of the Dollar Store! You be surprised what I come home with .

  2. I went to my 1st thrift store back in the 90s, and I love them! they are almost as much fun as an antique store. I agree: they are more fun for close shopping than for items. I also get a kick out of watching other shoppers.

  3. 3rdnlong,
    I know what you mean about the Dollar Store. I stay out of them! I can't help myself with the thrift stores, so many "goodies."

  4. Dr. Spo,

    Bill and I recently discovered the value of thrift stores. We're addicted now. There is no going back.

  5. Of course, I narrowed in on your comment about the children you saw at the thrift store. I was just having a similar conversation with a friend this evening. It's so frustrating when parents let their children act like monsters when they are in public. If that's how they want them to act at home, that's fine. But in public, where the rest of us have to deal with them, they need to act appropriate. Anything less should be unacceptable. Sorry my teacher voice just came out. :) So sorry for those homeowners. It's a beautiful home.

  6. Pumpkin,

    I feel so sorry for the young families who have lost their homes. Just around the corner from where we live a young couple, who just had a baby, lost their home after the husband lost his job. They tried to hang on to their job when the husband got another job 90 miles away in Newark. He rented a room in Newark during the week and came home on the weekends to spend time with his wife and new baby. But then he lost that job too. They had to walk away from their beautiful home that they put so much into. The last I heard they were living with the wife's parents. So many sad stories like this. We almost went down that path ourselves when I had a hard time selling our home in Pennsylvania and were carrying two mortgage at $3,998 a month. I did that for eleven months and finally sold our house exactly $100,000 less than I had the original sale agreement once the buyers found out the situation I was in. Then the buyers of our Pennsylvania house couldn't afford the payments of their new home and now that house was sold at a sherif's sale last November. So many stories like this.


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