Friday, June 17, 2011


Clematis from the fence surrounding our ugly transformer in front of our house
Oh yes, T.G.I.F., otherwise known as "Thank God It's Friday."  That phrase has a whole different meaning for me now.  Back when I was young and horny and working full blast time, Fridays meant that we went to the bars and partied!  Those days are LONG gone, believe me.  LONG GONE.  However, I still appreciate Fridays as a special day.  Even more so now that I work Wednesday and Thursday nights at the hotel.

Last night was pretty busy at the hotel in preparation for the first big summer weekend.  School let out yesterday and that usually releases the flood gates of the parents 'getting away from it all' and going to the beach with the kiddies.  No complaints from this quarter, the tourists are our main industry and the reason I have this wonderful job at the hotel where I work in Lewes.  This weekend will be busy, next weekend even more so.

So while the hotel guests are stopping at the front desk asking "How do you pronounced 'L-E-W-E-S?"  For those of your uninformed Lewes is pronounced the same as Jerry Lewis's last name and the maiden name of my paternal grandmother Hester Lewis (I'm no relation to Jerry Lewis, that's not his real name in case you're were wondering).  Occasionally, when I'm rambunctious, I'll tell them that Lewes is pronounced "Loos".  That's always a conversation starter when they return from their walk around quaint old Lewes ("First Town in the First State" - hey, someplace has to be the first) and correct me.  A little hotel front desk humor here.

Well, as you can see I have no weighty subjects I'm discussing today.  As a matter of fact I've been thinking of doing a blog posting about how my blog subjects have been limited evolved since I have discovered that not only my gay friends read my blog, but some of my neighbors, former co-workers, and family read my blog.  Well, needless to say with this knowledge of those eyes reading my blog I'm not going to write about the Wild Nights of my Youth in Philadelphia or my current fantasies (don't you wish!)
In fact, in light of the Weiner Scandal, I'm more resolved than ever to be a Good Little Boy and behave myself as far as my blog subjects go.

Of course I have a self-imposed rule posting about the current political climate.  I think most of my regular readers know that I'm a flaming liberal ("progressive" is what we call liberals now days) so there isn't much point of me hammering home the stupidity of the current version of the Republican Party and their attempts to totally privative government and do away with all the social safety net programs like Medicare and Social Security.  Oh how I would love to jump into that contentious pool of controversy but I fear I will change no minds, only harder people's resolve in their rigid views.  So I'm not going there.

My best bet these days is to post pictures of flowers (which I love doing) and keeping you all apprised of my retirement activities.  I hope all that is not too boring to you all.  This will have to do until I can think of something more interesting to so yet not offend anyone or freak them out like Mr. Weiner did with his Twitter postings.  Oh don't worry, I don't have any pictures of moi floating around the Internet.  No way.    I'm still dumbfounded at the stupidity of Anthony Weiner.  The same question keeps coming back to me....why?  Oh well, this is a subject that will be discussed at length by folks who are a lot more articulate and knowledgeable than me about human sexuality.  All I know is what turns me on and I want to keep that private.  I have no need to blast myself all over the Internet to strangers.  Again, the question is "Why?"

Well, I have the potatoes cooking on the stove (more potato salad - I live on potato salad in the summer) and lunch time is coming up.  After a short nap I'll transplant the Asiatic lilies that I purchased this morning from the East Coast Garden Center in Millsboro.  Now there is my 'addiction' centers.  Scandal!

Tomorrow we're (my friend Bob C. and I) are talking the Old People's Bus to Washington D.C. for their "Smithsonian Trip."  I'll stop by the Smithsonian but mainly I'm looking forward to walking around Washington for the day and taking pictures.  Next month I have a trip planned for New York City called "A Day in New York."  I haven't been to NYC since 1993 when I took  business trip to Chase Manhatten Bank, just down the street form the World Trade Center.  It's going to be eerie to see where the WTC was located.  I haven't been to NYC since 9/11.

On the 29th I again take the Old People's Bus (Adult Plus out of Georgetown, DE) to visit Philadelphia, my old stomping grounds.  The trip is to the Reading Market but once I get off the bus I roam around center city Philly, trying to relieve the memories of my Fabulous Youth.  I even visit my former home at 24th and Naudain.  I've often wondered how my life would have turned out had I never moved in 1980. So long ago.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. There must be a reason why I keep coming back reading your blog. Trust me, if it was not well written or interesting, I wouldn't. I am also on hiatus right now but when I start working, I won't be able to read it as often. Maybe you could have a "oohlala!" private blog where only "screened" people can get in?
    Blogs remind me when I had penpals when I was a teenager. I find it fascinating to find out about complete strangers' life, enjoy what I read and want to know more about them, their friends... and the environment they live in.

  2. I love potato salad too! :-) Have fun on your bus trips.

  3. Nadege,

    Thank you for your generous compliment about my blog. A friend complained to me a few weeks ago that he stopped reading my blog because (he said) "You write what you think." Uh...yes. I had to think about his comment and what it meant. Then it dawned upon me that he was afraid that I would write something about him. Some of my friends are fiercely private and are afraid that I will out them. I will continue to write by blog but try to walk that narrow line 'writing what I think' without inadvertently outing or embarrassing my friends. It's a challenge but I think I can do it.
    Like you, I had pen pals when I was a teenager. I write my blog the way I used to write my teenager pen pal letters. But the difference now is that I have a much wider audience. I have to try and find the balance.

  4. Mark,

    I'm making potato salad now (right after I type this). I don't mind bragging that I do make the BEST POTATO SALAD. Ironic, since I used to hate potato salad when I was a kid. Actually, what I hated was my Mother's version of potato salad. When I grew up and ate potato salad made by others, then my taste changed. Over the years I have developed my own unique recipe that I've never had any where else. I love my potato salad! I live on it all summer (and into the fall). When the weather turns cold then I'm not into it. Must have something to do with the sun, heat and long days.

  5. Are you going to give us the recipe or is it a secret? Few times I have made recipe that Ken (Walt's other half) posted on his blog. Both of them are pretty amazing and I love their blogs.

  6. Ron, you have the busiest retirement that I've ever seen. You shouldn't even worry about Social Security. ha! Happy Father's Day just in case you got any kids out there that you don't know about. m.

  7. Having problems with leaving comments on Blogger... testing, testing, 1,2,3.

  8. Good suggestion Nadege! I'll post the recipe in my next posting.

  9. Hey Mark, you have a happy father's day!

  10. D@vid,

    I received your comment.


  11. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Your trip to WTC will leave a lasting impression. It was hard to explain the chill and sensation that comes over you.

  12. No matter what you say in the text of your postings, your shots of flowers are ALWAYS a wonderful visual pick-me-up - this one here being typical. In the hope that you've posted a new one it's worth visiting your blog daily for that reason alone.

  13. 3rdnlong,
    I am really looking forward to my trip to the WTC. I want to see it before they build it over.

  14. Anonymous12:11 AM

    Stop improving your property!


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