Monday, June 06, 2011

A Taste of Summer

This afternoon I experienced a little spontaneous combustion and took the ten mile ride down Route 1 to Rehoboth Beach.  I rarely venture into Rehoboth during the "season" because of the hordes of touristas.  But I was feeling brave this afternoon plus I wanted to get one of those Tervis hot-cold glasses that don't condense.  The only place I know to get those is a place called Odeysea in Rehoboth and it is only open in the tourista season after 11 am.  When I do go into Rehoboth during the season I go very early in the morning around 6 am and I'm gone by 8 am before the meters kick in.

Yesterday I was invited to an impromptu lunch by my next door neighbors Bob and Barb along with another neighbor Jane.  Those Tervis glasses were used and it reminded me that I MUST get one this season.  Thus I put on my cruise wear and headed to Rehoboth this afternoon.

Of course the traffic was heavy as it always is once the tourist season swings into full Horde Force after Memorial Day.  Today was no exception.  I quickly found a parking slot.  Now to figure out the meters.  The charge for the privilege of parking in Rehoboth during the Height of the Season is $1.50 per fifteen minutes.  The meters now have the option of sucking up your credit card.  That's an automatic $3.00 charge for I don't know how many minutes.  I never got that far because I couldn't figure out what way to put in my credit card.  I think I tried ever position, something which I haven't done in my real life of 69 years and nothing worked.  Thus I retreated to my Bag of Quarters I keep for such emergencies.

After depositing more quarters in the meter than I did when I opened my first savings account at Downingtown National Bank when I was a 10 year old kid, I was on my way down Rehoboth Avenue looking for this store called Odeysea.  I couldn't find it.  I stopped into Critter Beach, an overpriced pet store that sells rhinestone collars for pampered pooches and ask "Where is the Odeysea."  The smile on the proprietor's face quickly faded once he realized I wasn't going to make a needless deposit in his store and he said "It's down at the end of the block."  Uh huh.  I acknowledged his helpful advice by saying "Hi" to him, hoping that maybe he would remember that we were introduced before. His partner is my dentist.  Alas, I don't think he remembered me.  I would like to think that I am memorable but among the masses of the flip-flop shoed masses on Rehoboth Avenue, I was just another Tourist Inquiring About Directions.

I couldn't find the store.  I went down as far as Hooters.  I knew it wasn't there.  I stopped into another store; one of those stores that sell overpriced beachwear to the gullible out of towers in town for Fun and Games.  The foreign sales clerk (we have a lot of Eastern European women and some men who work in Tourist Land during the season) didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about.  At least she was pretty and polite, unlike the brush off I received from Mr. Gay Man in Critter Beach.

I stop in Insight, a store that I have made many purchases from in previous years.  I got the Big Smile For the Potential Customer from the proprietor of this eclectic one block from the beach.  And the Smile didn't fade when I asked him direction to Odeysea.

Well, long story short - I found Odeysea - purchased my glasses - put them in my car -feed the meter again and then WHILE I WAS IN TOWN I MIGHT AS WELL DO THE BOARDS - I headed to the boardwalk to soak up Summertime.

I walked to one end of the boardwalk and back again, seeing very few opportunities for pictures in the midday sun.  The beach was loaded with white, flabby bodies soaking up the first rays of Summertime.  Every now and then I spied a young man (or young woman) who was very trim - not a trace of a spare tire of Love Handles - and I wanted to smack them.  How dare they!  But, I managed to control my more base instincts and played the Cool Older Dude Who Is Still In Shape while I briskly walked the boards.

As I walked by Funland, the 250 year old amusement section of the boardwalk, I hear the screams and laughter of Summertime.  All the years I've been to Rehoboth and walked on the boardwalk I've never been to Funland.  Oh I've been to "Funland" before but that was the back room of the 247 bar in Philadelphia during the 70's.  This "funland" was another whole different ballgame (no pun intended).

So I go into Funland with my iPhone video running.  That is the video you see on this posting.  This is my first and probably only visit to Funland and what Going to the Beach is all about for the out of towners.  The video is pretty cool until the ending when tall young lady who was operating the rides was  mesmerized by my iPhone cover.  My cover is of me hugging my Mom.  She loved it!  Of course I forgot to turn off my iPhone video while we were having the conversation.  But hey, this is what spontaneity is all about isn't it?

On my way back I stopped by the Mexican restaurant where my friend The Cajun works as the Host with the Most.  Of course he wasn't there again today.  This is the fourth of fifth time I've stopped by and  he WASN'T WORKING.  I'm beginning to believe that his blog postings of his overworked status with the young folks and his AS (after shift) cocktails are a figment of his overwrought imagination.  I saw him working there last winter but I haven't seen him since.  I've been there during a Friday Night Dine out group, stopped by a couple of time around 11 in the morning when then open and two more times during the midday.  Nada.  Oh well.  Whatever world he's in, I wish him well.

So this was my First Day back on my regular schedule or work.  I have off every day except Wednesday and Thursdays.  The other days I can do whatever I damn well please.  I love it.  Especially in the summertime.  I think I may even hit the boards early tomorrow morning before the Horde descends.  I might just get some beautiful and idyllic pictures of this summertime resort where I am so fortunate to live.  I'm back baby!

The Boardwalk, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware June 6th, 2011


Ur-spo said...

what a splendid boardwalk !

PS - My tailor assistant got the buttons on and the shirt should go out tomorrow !

nitewrit said...


Ah, taking the kids to the shore to ride the amusements, that takes me back.

I don't know how your post opens, because this nice video covers the first paragraph, hiding why you went looking for glasses.

I;m glad you are back. Perhaps you can catch up on the last few postsI did, the ups and downs of the last several days.


Ron said...

I love this boardwalk. I just wish it wasn't ten miles away on a very busy five lane highway.

Ron said...


I'm back! And I'm enjoying resuming my normal life again. I will catch up on your postings.

Raybeard said...

Good post, Ron - I especially like the boardwalk photo, though 'boardwalk' isn't a word we have in 'English' English, though I can see what it means.
Btw Anyone making a video or even taking a photo when kids are around could find himself in trouble in this country where anyone doing such is now regarded as a potential paedo. (Is that what the young lady at the fairground was objecting to? The sound wasn't very clear on my computer.) There have been recent cases here of cameras being seized by police or others in authority. This suspicion has only really taken flight in the last 15 years or so. Even parents taking pictures of their children in school performances isn't allowed. Now I've got to be ultra-careful where I point my camera. Sad development.

Tiger Chanter said...

Glad that you found your glasses! I've never heard of them, I will have to check them out!

nitewrit said...


What Redbeard commented is a scary thing. I don't know what is going on in England anymore. Recently i heard a singer in a pub was arrested for singing "Kung Foo Fighting" because someone passing by out side felt it was insulting to Asians. Freedoms are slipping away. I fear this stuff will come here someday.


Ron said...


I was coznigant of the fact that some of my videos were capturing images of children. If you'll notice, they run into my view, I don't search for them. In today's atmosphere, one can never be too careful. However, I refuse to let all my freedoms taken from me. I try to balance people's privacy with what I take pictures and videos of. I don't want to just take pictures of sunsets and sunrises and pictures of people I know.

Ron said...


I'm still playing catch up. I'm at work now. I'll try to read your posts later on. Once I get back into the rythm of working two nights a week, I'll be okay. The month of May really threw me off what with the first week our trip south then coming back to working fulltime plus taking care of all the yardwork. Retirement? Really?

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