Friday, June 24, 2011

Patience Ron, Patience

Waiting in line at the Comcast office in Lewes
I hate to start out today with a blog posting bitching and complaining (not really) but here I go.  I really, really do try to post something positive and uplifting everyday to bring a smile to the faces of my faithful blog followers.  But with the way today has started out I have no choice but to BITCH.

The morning got started off all right.  I drove the ten miles down Rt. 1 to Rehoboth Beach and took my early morning walk on the boardwalk.  That always refreshes me, a brisk walk on the boardwalk with all the other strange people (me included of course), listening to the waves crashing in on the dull brown sand that is Rehoboth Beach (no whites sands of Myrtle Beach, SC on this Delaware coastline).

The drive home wasn't bad.  It was when I got out of my car that I spotted not one, but TWO dings on the back door of my NEW RED SUBARU FORESTER.  Yes folks, I now have THREE DINGS on my NEW CAR.  I blame the dings on the tight parking slot that I have to occupy when I go into work at the hotel in Lewes.  Hey, when those guests hit the town loaded down with luggage and bicycles all over their vehicles, I'm lucky dings are all I get when they unload.  I won't bitch anymore about the dings.    Of course I am upset and frustrated (I am very anal) but it is what it is.

Then I walk in the door and Bill tells me he's having problems connecting to the Internet.  OH NO.  Since I ditched Verizon's LOUSY DSL service last March and went to Comcast I have had NO PROBLEMS.  That need today.  I won't take you through the torture of all the phones calls I made this morning.  I'll sum it up this way, I kept losing the solid green light which indicates an Internet connection.  After an hour and a half and several phone calls, I scheduled a service appointment.  I was told the earliest they could come was NEXT FRIDAY.  Oh no, that won't do at all.  That would mean I would have TO LIVE WITHOUT THE INTERNET FOR A WHOLE WEEK.  EEEEEEKKKKKK!

So I put my Thinking Cap on and called back and suggested "How about if I take the modem down to the local office and exchange it for a new one?" See, what I was thinking that the MODEM WAS BAD.  The woman on the other end of the line from Comcast thought that would be an excellent idea.  Whoopee!

I unplug and disconnect my feeble modem and tell Bill that I'm going down to the local Comcast store in Lewes exchange it for a new modem.  He said he would drive me down. I'm figuring this will take minutes.  I think you know we're I'm going with this.

We pull up to the Comcast store at Five Points in Lewes.  I grab my Chinese made modem and enter the Comcast "store" (or whatever they call it).  Oh uh.  The line of OTHER COMCAST customers stretches to the DOOR !  The nice young woman who works for Comcast (she said she was the "greeter" - are you kidding me?) said there would be a forty minute wait.  OMIGOD.  So I settled in for the wait.  That is the picture you see above.

The wait went by fast because a gentleman came in behind me who was equally disturbed when he realized that he had also stepped into the Waiting In Line Quicksand.  He said Comcast had called him and told him his modem was old and he had to replace it.  Wisely (he told me), he didn't bring his old modem with him just in case the new one didn't work.  Of course he wasn't too thrilled about standing in line to fix something that wasn't broke.

My turn finally came and an elderly lady behind the window very efficiently took care of my situation and I was out the door, after saying "Goodbye" to my friend who was in the store to replace his modem that was still working!

I get home, take the new modem out of the box (which was assembled in Viet Nam - which for some unexplained reason made me nervous - sorry, I mean do disrespect Tai - my Vietnamese blogger buddy).  I plug in everything.  Pretty blue and green lights start popping on and off.  I go to my computer to see if I can connect to the Internet.  Viola!  A screen appears to lead me through the initialization of the new modem.  Way to go Comcast!  I don't have to make another phone call to activate my new modem.

So here I am, updating my blog.  Half the day is shot but it could have been worse.  I now have an Internet connection.  Now if there was someway I could get rid of those two new dings in my car door.


  1. anne marie in philly2:24 PM

    between comcrap and veryzone, you have to pick the lesser of two evils. I got FIOS back in march and have been very happy with it.

    since there is no competition around here, we are stuck with C or V. sux diseased donkey balls!

    as for the dings, sorry can't help you there. is there any other place for you to park besides the hotel lot?

    have a nice weekend, ron!

  2. Ron, I think you have an addiction problem to the Internet. That's okay, I'm addicted to. That's how I knew.
    Congrats on your new modem. First, blogger has the shits and now Comcast is messing up your blogging routine. Maybe it's a sign?

  3. Anne Marie,

    I had FIOS too when I lived in Pennsylvania. I loved it. Bad new, I won't be coming up for a visit to Philly next Wednesday. Not enough folks signed up for the trip. Darn! I was so looking forward to roaming around the old haunts again.

  4. Mark,
    Oh I'm addicted to the Internet alright. My new modem is working just fine. Thank goodness that was the problem and not a bad line like the Comcast guy was indicating on the phone. I didn't want to go through that torture. Been there already.

  5. I hope the days to come are better for you! :)

    Anyway, I work for Comcast. Can you tell me the exact address of the office you visited? I just want to look into this for you. Also, if you need further assistance, feel free to contact me.

    If you can reply with the address of the office you visited, include your account info and a link to this account, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  6. Mark Casem,
    Thank you for your comment. I"m fine now. My new modem works. Other than the long wait (which surprised me but I could handle), I didn't have a problem with my dealings with Comcast today. Everything was taken care of. The office I visited today was in Lewes, DE. I'll send you an e-mail with the other information.

  7. Ron,

    As you know I have had very little difficulty with Comcast in recent years and a ton of problems dealing with Verizon (who I no longer will deal with) however,if you have to go to a Comcast store there are always lines and waits, although here we do have a take a number system.

    I would call Comcast direct and ask for this Mark Casem before sending anyone any account info. This is a bit odd looking to me.


  8. Larry,
    I was OK with the line at the Comcast office. I was a bit surprised that it was so long but it was explained to me that was because people were down for the summer getting their systems hooked up. As far as giving out my information to that Mark Casem, he's responded to my blogs before. I think Comcast has a big push for improving customer service which is fine with me. I sent him an e-mail with my account information and what I told you here about my wait. I was complaining more about "one of those days" than I was Comcast. Actually, I've been receiving good service with my Internet through Comcast, much better than I did with Verizon's DSL service.

  9. Anonymous6:50 PM

    If you've got multiple TVs in your home, Comcast will give you 2 free "DTA" boxes per subscriber. Would never have known it except for a conversation with the person behind me in line at Lewes.

    And you can get dings removed cheaply on the road from 5 Points to Lewes -- the used car dealer on the north side of the road. Nice people, decent price.

  10. Anonymous,

    I have DirecTV for my cable broadcasts. I only use Comcast for my Internet connection. Thanks for the tip anyway. Also thanks for the tip on getting dings removed from my car. I'll check out the used car dealer on the north side of Rt. 1 in Lewes. Getting dings on my car so early is really bothering me. I know it shouldn't but it is bothering me. I am so anal.

  11. frustration!
    I hope the dings are remedied by now.

  12. Dr. Spo,
    Little things like dings bother me a great deal. They shouldn't but they do.


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