Sunday, June 26, 2011

Olde Time Photos

Me and Larry June 21, 2011 Rehoboth Beach, DE

The first time I visited Provincetown was in the summer of 1974.  I remember it clearly because it was during the summer of Watergate.  The Senate subcommittee hearings on Watergate and the coverup seemed to be the only thing on TV.  It was good to get away and visit this gay mecca that I had heard so much about.  I made the visit with my good friend Bob M.  To commemorate our visit I persuaded my friend Bob to stop by one of those tourist sucker Olde Time Photo shops on the main street of Provincetown.  The picture you see above is the result of that visit.  We were two Old Time Cowboys for sure.  This was back in our gay bar days when we used to frequent the 247 bar in Philadelphia which was a leather and western bar.  Not for us the fey dance bars of those Other Gays (the Dancing Queens).

Bob M. and me July 1974 Provincetown, Mass.

Fast forward thirty seven years and here you see me again in my Cowboy Pose.  This time I'm with my longtime friend (even longer than Bob M.) Larry.  My gay bar days are long behind me but still I yearned to have another Olde Time Photo taken of me with a friend.  I've been trying without success to talk some of my current friends into having a picture taken with me but they will have none of it.  I guess such activity is too immature or childish.  Hey, I may be 69 years old but I still have a lot of the Kid in me yet.  As does my longtime friend Larry.

So I arranged to meet Larry last Tuesday (June 21st) in Rehoboth and we had our pictures taken as two over the hill old time desperadoes.  We had great fun during the shoot (no pun intended).  Listen, when the day comes when I'm an old curmudgeon who can't grab a little bit of 'immature' fun like this, is the day I want to check out and go to the Big Ranch in the Sky.

Me and Larry about to take each other out


  1. What great photos and memories.

  2. Sean,
    The years go by so fast. I wish I had taken the time and had more pictures taken. I value and cherish tbd ones I have.

  3. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Hi Ron,

    Great pictures! The first one is a little scary though as you have your gun pointed at Larry's crotch!
    He better drink up in case the gun goes off.
    Looks like a good time was had with an old friend.


  4. Very nice! I bet it was a fun too.

  5. Dr. Spo,

    I look better as a cowboy than I do in real life. I think I'll change my garb.

  6. I love those old retro photos.

  7. Rick,

    I do too! I just wish I had more of them taken over the years. A 37 year gap between photos is too much!

    Eggplant parmigiana recipe for you Ron.

  9. You two look like the real deal.
    I was down your area over the weekend. I was going to surprise you with a 6a.m. walk along the boardwalk on Monday morning but our car broke down on Sunday and we were trapped at my parent's campground until Monday at Noon. Oh well, next time!

  10. Anonymous1:14 PM

    lasting friendships can be better then most family "blood" relationships and I know the bond is helping you enjoy life.

  11. Sorry I missed you Mark.

  12. 3rdnlong,

    You are a wise man and you are exactly right. My friendships are the quality of my life now. So much more fulfilling than my bar hopping (cruising) days of my Wasted Youth.


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