Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Larry's Birthday in Rehoboth Beach

My friend Lar at at the boardwalk yesterday taking in the 'sights'

(Note: Blogger is having problems and I can't upload pictures to this blog.  I'm posting it anyway and when Blogger gets its act together, I'll upload the pictures which will make this posting much more interesting.  And yes, I did open up a Word Press blog this morning.  I think it is time.)

Yesterday I invited my long time friend Larry down to Rehoboth Beach and Old Time Photo to celebrate his birthday which is June 27th. Larry will be 70 years told on that day.  It's hard to believe that we've been friends for sixty years (since 3rd grade when we were both nine years old).

Larry and I were Best Friends until his family moved out of the Downingtown school district when we were in ninth grade.  We maintained our friendship over the year, having become much closer after 9/11 when Larry lost his banking job shortly after I also lost my banking job.

Larry and I have an interesting history.  We both had truck driver fathers who were not close to us.  We were both told by our parents that they were not going to send us to college.  We both made our own way in the world, eventually ending with jobs in banks (mine Mellon Bank and Larry Wilmington Trust).  Coincidentally we both lost our jobs due to the Great Downsizing Fever of the post Reagan years.  We now both work at part-time jobs which are  far removed from our previous managerial banking jobs.  I work as a hotel front desk clerk in an upscale boutique hotel in Lewes, DE.  Larry works as a stock clerk (he opens the boxes of clothiers and puts them on hangers) at Coldwater Creek in the upscale town of Greenville, DE.  Even though our jobs are far from glamorous or prestigious, we both love our jobs because we're not managing people, dealing with corporate bureaucracy (and meetings), and working the full-time grind.  We both like working because that's the way we were raised and we (let's be honest here) like the extra money a part-time job affords to supplement our modest, fixed Social Security and pension payments.  The extra money not only helps us to keep up with the ever increasing costs of living but enables us to occasionally splurge on doing something that is just fun for us.

Interestingly, given our similar histories with the distant father close relationship with our mothers; Larry is straight and I am gay.  There goes the urban myth that all gay men are that way because they were Momma's Boys who had absentee fathers.  We are who we are, no "choices" were made as to whether we would be straight or gay.  Larry is happily married to a wonderful woman (Lois) and has three delightful children, two girls and a boy.  Larry and his family are also the home to fourteen cats from the local animal shelter plus a few kitties who showed up on their doorstep when they heard about the cat friendly home on Olympia Drive in Claymont, Delaware.

So this is a brief history of our friendship.  Like me, Larry loves to take pictures although he isn't as brazen as I am about taking "in your face" pictures.  Yesterday Larry brought his new Flip Video camera with him.  As those who have  Flip Video camera know, the camera not only takes videos but you can take still images off of the camera just as if they were individual photos.  Thus this is the origin of the photos in this blog.  I took them with Larry's Flip video camera and he captured the images for me and sent them back to me this morning by e-mail.  Larry has given me permission to post some of those pictures on this blog.  Now, for the first time on THIS blog the reader will see the boardwalk from the view of a straight man.  My gay friends, please do not be alarmed.  I'm not going straight and I will return to my usual practice of occasionally posting some Beefcake to this blog.  Of course it is much more difficult for me to take those pictures than it is for me (or Larry) to take a picture of a beautiful girl in a bikini.  By the way, this is just a sampling of Beautiful Girls in Bikini shots.  As we were walking down Rehoboth Avenue yesterday, Larry was frequently distracted by all the Lovely Young Things in skimpy bathing attire.  Now that was a different experience for me, walking on Rehoboth Avenue and the boardwalk with a friend and seeing him catch his breath every time a lovely young lady walked by.  I'm used to walking with my gay friends sneaking a sideways look at a hunky young man (or older man) and whispering to me "Take a look at THAT!"  Oh, yes it definitely was a different experience for me yesterday.  And one that I enjoyed I might add.  We will do it again.


  1. anne marie in philly3:00 PM

    oh goodie, I was wondering about that intro photo (wink wink). the guy in the background is wanting for some chest fur though...

  2. What a great post! How fun to spend time with a lifelong friend. That picture is a riot.

  3. Thank you Pumpkin! Larry and I had a great time. That picture wasn't posed either. That's the best kind of pictures, spontaneous. The old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" is very appropriate here!

  4. Ron, that photo is priceless!

  5. Mark,
    As you know, the best photos are the unposed photos. I was taking a Flip video with my friend Larry's camera of him walking on the boardwalk in Rehoboth. I noticed that Larry would frequently become distracted because of all the Babe Flesh displayed so I included that in the video as a joke. Larry took the video home and captured some great still images. I was only able to post one yesterday. I'll try to post more later. It's a good thing Larry's wife doesn't read his blogs (or mine)!

  6. Ron,

    What is surprising is how brief a time that scene appeared on the video. I did purposely swerve around that line, but it was amazing that she went into this stretching pose just as I passed her. I call her the ballerina. But she appears in the video for about a second.

    Lo has seen the pictures I took off the film. She's already teased me about the bikini shots.

    Coldwater Creek isn't in Greenville, De. Where I worked previously was in Greenville. Coldwater Creek is in Christiana Mall.

    I put a film of part one of our adventure up on Facebook.


  7. I don't know I kind a like that guy in the background. Of course, my standards have been lowered with age.

  8. Larry,
    That's what I like about the Flip camera, you can capture still images that would otherwise be lose. You don't even realize what you're capturing until you review the video. It's great!

  9. Jeff,

    Ha! I have to agree with you, I'm more attracted to the guy in the background with the back pack and the nice tits than the girl. On the other hand, my straight friend Larry was seriously distracted with all the female flesh on display on the boardwalk. It was different walking with a friend who was ogling the "wrong" sex!

  10. Ron,

    I don't know how seriously I was. I was just doing a bit of window shopping, I wasn't out to buy. I'll know I am really old if I ever stop looking.

    And let's not forget the big dude in the eyepatch who was looking daggers at you -- well, dagger, anyway, since he only had one eye, when you were snapping pictures in his direction.



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