Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Evening With John Milton

Me, Bob, John Milton, and Ted (my Spo Shirt made its debut last night). Yes, Ted is sitting in John Milton's lap.  

Yesterday evening, The Old Geezer's Dining Club met again.  This time the Restaurant de jour was the Broadkill Boathouse restaurant in Milton, Delaware.  The Broadkill Boathouse was formerly the Iguana Grill.  I ate there once a few years ago with my good friend Bob Mc.  It was not a pleasant experience.
Which was a shame because the location of the restaurant is ideal.  It is right on the Broadkill River (thus the name) with a beautiful view of Wagamon's Pond in the center to downtown Milton.

The Broadkill River, Milton, DE
Well, I'm glad to say that last night's dining experience was a whole different story.  The Old Geezer's Dining Club (me, Bob C., Don V. and Teddy W.) came away from our summer evening dining repast with  satisfied appetites and happy memories.

Don, Bob and Ted (aka "The Old Geezers) looking at the Broadkill

Don, Bob and I had the prime rib sandwich special at $10.00.  Superb!  And you all know how fussy I am with food, especially prime rib.  Not for me a pink, soggy, pulsating slab (or two) of meat on a bun.  I need it cooked.  My prime rib sandwich was perfect.  With the prime rib sandwich I had steak fries.  The best steak fries I've ever had.  I can say that without qualification.

Teddy had a hamburger with sweet potato fries.  Teddy, who is about as fussy as I am, had no complaints about his food.  The hamburger tasted like hamburger (chargrilled - both of us love that flavor) and he especially liked the sweet potato fries which had some kind of special coating on it that he couldn't determine.  He asked the waitress but she didn't know either.  Thus that will remain a mystery.

Me, Ted, Bob and Don at the Broadkill Boathouse Restaurant on the deck on this beautiful summer evening in Milton, DE - check out my Spo Shirt - I was the envy of the Old Geezers! Is it me or does Don seem to have the spotlight on him while the rest of us are in the shadows?

Don had some kind of salad that looked like it had goose poop on it but he also pronounced it an unqualified success.  Maybe the goose poop dressing was in memory of the former geese population that took up residence at the Broadkill River last year until someone from the state park snuck in the dark lonely hours of the early morning hours before and did away with the year round resident geese.
Don and his great new haircut!

After dining at the Broadkill we all returned to Ted's house for his homemade peach pie with ice cream. Delicious!  Thank you Ted.

A delightful summer evening with friends in the cozy little town of Milton on the Broadkill River.  It doesn't get much better than this folks.  We'll have to do it again.

As darkness fell on the deck, Ted goes in to pay the bill for our evening repast


Mark said...

Goodness, I wouldn't know how to react spending an evening with adults. I'm sure I'd feel the need to tell one of them to use a napkin and not his shirt.
Looks like a great time. I'm glad you enjoyed your meat.

Ron said...


Spending a delightful, summer's evening with three intelligent, humorous, and interesting adults is a joy. I hope I live many more years to spend many such evenings.

Raybeard said...

Some lovely, cheerful shots here, Ron. Made me smile.

Ron said...


There is lifer old gay guys after all. I would never have believed this when I was in the throes of my arrogant youth.

Anonymous said...

Nice group of guys. The group I have breakfast with "the grumpy old men" are all bald but me and I think all straight. Lovethe Spo shirt. I am jealous.

Raybeard said...

Yes, Ron. One of the positives about growing old(er) is that it certainly opens one's eyes and deepens appreciation of what we do have.

Ron said...

Yes, we do have a good group of men. We're all gay. Nobody is grumpy though. Surprisingly we're all pretty happy. I think I'm the only one who complains about anything and that's probably because I'm the only one who is still working and has a partner. The others are all totally retired and single. That must have something to do with their disposition.

Ron said...


I appreciate everything. Where I live, my friends, what I have, my health. Everything. WhenI was young I was too busy looking for a 'goodtime' to realize what I did have. Maturity has changed me.

Mark in DE said...

Looks and sounds like a great time!

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