Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Essential Ron

Yes folks, this is "The Essential Ron."  Yesterday my friends Paul, Jack and I visited the Old Time Photo shop in Rehoboth (yes, I went back) and I have to tell you I am very pleased with this photo.  I think it captures my essential core just right.  I am convinced now that I was a cowpoke in one of my previous lives.  I am so comfortable in this getup.  Not for me the typical gay pride getup of femme drag, I go for Cowboy Drag anytime!


  1. Now how about a bit of 'YMCA'? ;-)

  2. "Not for me the typical gay pride getup of femme drag, I go for Cowboy Drag anytime!"

    Assless chaps can do that to a guy ;-)

  3. Ron,

    Yeah, that's a mean lookin' cur alright. Wouldn't wanna mess with him none. I think that's my shirt you're sportin'.

    I did a post about us desperadoes if you haven't read it.


  4. No Ray, this isn't YMCA drag. This is the REAL DEAL. :)

  5. Oh God Will, I saw a hot guy in assless chaps once in San Francisco and I almost creamed right there. HOT!

  6. Lar,

    I LOVE cowboy drag. I'm way behind on reading my blog roll. I'll catch up in the next day or two. I've been running around too much. Are you ready for our reunion with Stuart? He called today.

  7. I do too Cubby! I never had a hankering for female drag but I LOVE cowboy drag! LOVE IT!


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