Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daisy - Flower of the Day

The fleur de jour (I think this is French for "Flower of the day" - check it with your other half Mark), are daisies.  As I got out of my car yesterday afternoon to go into work at the hotel I spotted these Shasta Daisies just begging to have their picture taken.

So many flowers, so little time.


  1. Yes, don't flowers just BEG for one's attention? I think it's a cold heart which doesn't respond to them - any flower, down to the humble dandelion, buttercup or wild daisy. Just one of the things that always makes me feel glad to be alive.

  2. You got it!
    Have a great day. m.

  3. Awesome! Beautiful pic really giving a fresh look.

  4. "Fleur du jour" (singular) or if you want to write about several flowers it would be "fleurs du jour".
    Daisies are "marguerites" in french. I don't think there is a flower I don't like.

  5. Lovely. We have a patch in our back yard. They're just starting to open now. Because of our drought, though, they're shorter than normal.


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