Friday, June 24, 2011

A Change of Scenery

Jimmy's Grille, Bridgeville, DE

Tonight our regular Friday Night Dine Out group didn't meet so the Milton contigent (you know who you are) decided to go on our own and take the long trip to Bridgeville, Delaware; home of the annual Apple-Scrapple Festival.  No, the festival wasn't being tonight.  We were just going to give Jimmy's Grill a try in far away Bridgeville.

Ken ready to eat

Well, the trip was worth it!  When we saw the crowd waiting to be seated as we entered the restaurant we knew we knew we were on to something.   This wasn't any summertime tourist crowd waiting to get into one of those overpriced Rehoboth restaurants.  These were hometown folk out for a night of good homestyle cooking.

Don digging in

We didn't have to wait too long until we were seated.  As we perused the menus, the biggest problem was what to choose.  This was All-American cuisine.  None of those "presentation dishes' where they paint the plate with squirts of some unknown and unheard of sauce, place a few sprigs of basil and maybe a sliver or two of meat and call it iconic (or something like that - I can't remember the exact word they use for those 'painted' dishes).
Scott with his chicken pie and David with his crab cakes

We placed our orders and we were all pleased with what we got.  Don V. was especially happy with his chicken breast with stuffing which tasted just like mom's homemade.  Scott got the chicken pie which he said was delicious. It looked so good, that's what I'm getting next time, right after I order the chicken breast with homemade stuffing.  I had a grilled Cajun chicken breast which was good, though I would prefer it a little spicier.  Scott also got that pretzel-Jello-cream pie appetizer which he said was the best he's had.  All the homemade desserts looked fabulous.  I left with a homemade cherry pie ($14.00).  Bill and I will make quick work of that All-American dessert (right after I complete this blog posting as a matter of fact).

My Cajun grilled chicken, scalloped potatoes, and sauteed squash
Of course I asked the the waitress to take a picture of our group.  She wasn't quite sure how to take our picture with my iPhone so the young man (Ryan) bussing the tables volunteered to take our picture.  It came out pretty good don't you think (except for me all hunched over like Quasimodo).

Oh yes, there is nothing like a little change of scenery.

Ryan, our photographer


Raybeard said...

You have such cosy-looking, eatings-out. Makes me quite envious.
Are they always as cordial as they appear in your pics? I reckon that they must, as all your pals look as if they've experienced a good slice of life, and have learned the technique of appreciating the moment - one of the pluses of maturity, I like to think. Always makes me happy to see you in a group like this.

Liberty and In Dependence said...

I haven't been to Jimmy's in years, but after reading this post, a return visit is in order. The last time, I was accompanied by my wife, who was nine months pregnant. On the drive home, she consumed a fried chicken leg and all of the crumbs piled up on her big belly. We were in my old pickup truck. It was my biggest "I-am-such-a-Delaware-hick-moment" to date.

Anonymous said...

:-) not a good post to read when hungry :-)

Ron said...


We loved Jimmy's! Good home cooking. Something we don't get here in "Fusionland" (aka Rehoboth Beach overprice tourist cuisine). "Bettys" aspires to be homecoming but it doesn't have the "feel" of Jimmy's. We will definitely be back even though it is a half hour drive. Lots of original Sussex County natives at Jimmy's. We sort of stuck out like sore thumbs (and they did notice us - we're frequently mistaken for an Old Buy Bowling Team) but everyone enjoyed themselves. Live and let live.

Ron said...


Good eats at Jimmy's! You won't go home hungry.

Ron said...

Oh yes Ray. We always have a good time. You're right, it must be the maturity. God knows were all MATURE! We laugh a lot. Actually, at this time of my life I'm have a way better time that I did when I was young and pretty and prowling the bars for a trick. This is so much more satisfying.

Mark in DE said...

Jimmy's has great food! Glad you guys enjoyed it. How was the traffic getting back to the beach?

Ur-spo said...

So much fun!
I hope one of you gave Ryan a large tip.

Ron said...


The traffic back was no problem. The only delay I had was crossing over Rt. 1 to my place. I had to wait longer than usual for a break in the heavy traffic coming down Rt. 1.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

So you noticed Ryan too. :) Always nice to dine out and have nice scenery.

Anonymous said...

Yum, that chicken looks good. And the grilled chicken looked good too!

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