Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bob and Ron's Excellent Adventure at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

Yesterday my friend Bob C. and I took a senior citizen sponsored trip to Washington D.C. to visit the Smithsonian Institute.  This is a slide show of the pictures and the videos I took of that trip.

To quote a blogger buddy of mine "We had a jolly good time." 


  1. anne marie in philly4:11 PM

    channeling dr. spo, are we?

  2. Yes Anne Marie, we had a 'jolly good time!"

  3. hohoho
    the expression is 'jolly good fun" but you are such a dear I shan't complain ! :-)

  4. Dr. Spo,

    Correction noted. :)

  5. Ron, don't you love making these videos? It's a great way to show off of your great photos. I do it a lot, as you know, when I have too many photos that I want to share. Plus, the videos tell the whole story.
    Great job! m.

  6. Mark,

    That's the first one I did. I just blundered through it. I can fine tune the next one. I didn't know I could do this. Look for more videos!

  7. Despite having lived in the DC area for over 40 years, its been ages since I've been to the museums there.

  8. Same here Mark! The last time I was at the Smithsonian was in the early Sixties! All the years I lived in Philly, I never once visited the Liberty Bell. Went by it many times but never stopped for a visit. It was something I was "gonna do someday." :)


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