Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Weekly Schadenfreude Moment

Today I begin a new feature of my blog.  This is a weekly feature which I will post every Sunday.

I've seen weekly features on other blogs.  I think it is an interesting device.  It is not only interesting for the reader but also for the blogger.  Thus I begin my new feature:


"Schadenfreude" is a German word which basically translates as:


Now before some of you Goody Two Shoes souls out their in the blogosphere get your sanctimonious hackles raised up around your 99.44 % pure ears (pardon the use of the word "sanctimonious" but I couldn't help myself when I heard our president use that word in a sarcastic manner to refer to those progressive Democrats in the House of Representatives that dared to express less than enthusiastic support of his latest cave in to the Republicans - extending tax cuts to the very rich), let's all be honest with ourselves.  Who doesn't at some time enjoy the misfortune of someone else at sometime in their life?  I certainly do and I offer no apologies for doing so.

Of course I don't mean those of you who are serving the poor on soup lines (and you know who you are) would ever "delight" in the plight of those poor souls you're serving soup.  I certainly don't feel good about that type of misfortune.  And it goes without saying that I never would get any pleasure from anyone suffering a grave illness or death, no matter how bad the person.  Well, maybe I would get some pleasure out of the execution of a child killer but I'm not going there in this blog.  

No, what I'm talking about is like an incident that happened this week in London, England when Prince Charles and his Lady Fair, the Duchess of Cornwall (aka Camilla Parker-Bowles) were on their way to the THEATRE in their purple Rolls-Royce (oh yes, can you believe it?) and they got caught up in the student mobs protesting the triple rise in tuition.  OMIGOD!  Talk a look at the JAWS AGAPE on these two twits.  


Thus is born a new weekly feature on this blog.

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  1. Anonymous8:03 AM

    She was touched, through the window! By a commoner.


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