Saturday, December 18, 2010

Three Things About Me

List time again folks!  

My cousin Kevin sent me this List of Threes on my Facebook page.  I decided to post my Three's List as a blog posting so everyone can learn a little more about me.

Three Jobs I have had in my life:   
1. Hotel front desk clerk
2. Bank trust operations manager
3. Soldier

Three places I have lived:   
1. Downingtown, PA
2. Philadelphia, PA
3. Milton, DE

Three of my Favorite Drinks:   
1. Turkey Hill Diet Orange Decaf Ice Tea
2. Appletini Martini (two max)
3. Boathouse Vanilla Chai Tea

Three TV shows I watch:   
1. Countdown With Keith Olbermann
2. Judge Judy
3. Millionaire Matchmaker

Three places I have been:
1.  Montreal, Canada
2.  San Francisco, CA
3.  Pigeon Roost, North Carolina

Three of my favorite foods:
1. Roasted red pepper hummus wrap with feta cheese (daily lunch)
2. Dorito's Blazing Buffalo and Ranch chips (two bags a week)
3. Glazed Walnuts (one bag a week)

Three Things I am Looking Forward to
1. Repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell (may happen today)
2. Getting a cat (my partner doesn't like cats)
3. Springtime

 Three Things that are ALWAYS by My side
1. iMac
2. My guardian angel (and I do have one)
3. Bill....duh!

 Three Things that are in my car right now. 
1. Sirius satellite radio
2. Hoodie (in case I'm stranded)
3. Work glasses (because I will forget to take them to work unless they are in my car)

Three things I did today (yesterday actually).
1. Tagged a load of new "Favorites" on Huffington Post
2. Made an apple crumb pie
3. Met new friends at Friday Night Dine Out at the Irish Eyes Restaurant in Lewes

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