Friday, December 03, 2010

"Script Ohio"

As a former marching band member in high school and a Sousaphone player, I found this video of the Best Damn Band in the Land totally awesome!

Sure!  I could kick my legs up that high!


  1. Brings back fond memories.

  2. I'm 6'4" tall with a 36" inch inseam Spo. Absolutely, I can kick my legs as high as any Rockette!

  3. And just another note Spo, I always envied the Drum Major. If I wasn't so shy in high school, that would be me!

  4. TGD,
    My three years in my high school marching band as a Sousaphone player was perhaps the best time of my life. We got to go to all the high school football games for free. The away games were the best because my buddy Bill B. (the bass drum player) would always save a seat for me (or me for him.) Fun times.

  5. A Sousaphone player? I don't think I've ever knowingly met a Sousaphone player :) Great photo!

    I used to play the trombone in high school for a couple of years. There was a tuba player in the school orchestra. He was a really small guy, barely any larger than his intrument :)

  6. Kim,

    Sousaphone players and tuba players are frequently confused for one another. A Sousaphone wraps around the player while a tuba player carries his/her instrument. I found out later I was chosen to play a Sousaphone, not for my "talent" (non-existant) but for my height (6'4"). Our high school marching band had three Sousaphone players and we marched in the last row of the band. I loved playing in the marching band. One of the best experiences of my high school days.


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