Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa's Lap

Melanie Tipton Jefferis, Santa Claus, and Ed Jefferis

In my 69 years on this earth I've accomplished most of my goals.  I still have a few items left on my bucket list.  I've never visited any foreign country unless you count Canada. I would love to visit England, Australia, New Zealand and all the European countries.  I would like to vice the South Pacific. I'm not really all hopped up about visit Africa or China, Korea or Japan (or any country where they eat dogs.)  

But there is one thing I haven't done and I will do if I screw up enough courage to do and that is to 


So I go onto my Facebook account and see a picture of my cousin Melanie and her husband Ed sitting on Santa's lap!  I am SOOOOOOOO JEALOUS!  Hey!  I'm not that much older than Melanie and Ed.  Maybe there is hope for the Little Boy in me yet.

I wonder if the Santa at the Laurel Flea Market would get too grossed out if I went down tomorrow and sat on his lap.  

What do you think?


  1. Anonymous2:23 PM

    If you go let me know I'll meet you there. I gotta see this!


  2. I'm not so sure about this now Fran. Last year when I was at the Laurel Flea Market I saw a grungy Santa Claus and I thought maybe I could get away with it. I'll take a ride down there and see what's going on. This is something I've been wanting to do for about 65 years. Time is running out!

  3. Ron,

    These guys seem to make a buck for someone by having a photo taken of the moment as a precious memory. Just ask the photographer if you could get such a picture taken and probably no problem. Probably cost you ten bucks for the privilege.

    I'm a bit more concerned about your desire to "vice the South Pacific". Sounds like a good way to catch some STDs, ;)

    By the way, tried a new trail this morning and got lost in the woods for two hours, but that's another story.


  4. Lar,

    Did I say "vice the South Pacific?" I've already "viced Philadelphia" and got a STD. But then that's a story for another blog which I won't put on FB. Family you know.

  5. Forget about Santa, can I sit on Ed's lap rather?

  6. Hey Spo, Ed is a nice guy too! He's straight but totally cool with me being gay. Not all of my family and in laws are that way. His wife is my first cousin.

  7. Just give me some time, my Attic wit and a bottle of gin.

  8. Spo,
    Believe me, I have no doubt of your seductive powers.


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