Saturday, December 04, 2010

OSU Sousaphone player dots the cameraman (12 Sep. 2009)

This is a funny video of the Sousaphone player dotting the "i" in the Ohio while performing Scrip Ohio for the Ohio State marching band.

It is interesting that the young man is majoring in hospitality and started to play the Sousaphone in ninth grade just so he could work up to "dotting the i" when he went to college at Ohio State.  Just by coincidence I also work in hospitality management (my part-time job in retirement is hotel front desk clerk) and I also started to play the Sousaphone in ninth grade.  The only difference was that I played in my high school (Downingtown High School) marching band in the Fifties, way before Ohio Script.  

Oh how I wish I could "dot the i"!  Do you think that Ohio State would make an exception for an old, former Sousaphone player?  Just think of the human interest angle.  At least I wouldn't "dot" the cameraman.

Me in 1958 just before we're ready to march out onto the field.  We didn't have a Drum Major but a Drum Majorette.  Her name was Sandy Hamilton and she is the blur to my left.  Fond memories.

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Ur-spo said...

This Ann Aborite doesn't need no OSU videos hohoho !

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