Friday, December 24, 2010

Look What I Got in the Mail!

Me in a "Spo Shirt"

I returned today from work at the hotel and I had two packages awaiting me.  One was my new DirecTV DVR receiver.  My old one gave out last week.  DirecTV sent me a new one.  I would have to set it up all by my little self.  I hate dealing with all these wires and technical stuff.  So, I got down to it.  I wanted to get everything done (the TV is in my bedroom) before it got dark.  I was dreading this.

I called and lo and behold I got a technician on the FIRST RING.  And this is Christmas Eve!  His name was Adam and, together, after about an hour, we SET IT UP.  My TV and DirecTV DVR are now working in my bedroom.

Then my second package. I had ABSOLUTLY NO IDEA who this package was from.  The return address said "Hanuman Das" from Springfield, Massachusetts.  WTF?  Do I have a secret admirer?  Wow!  So I open the package and the first thing I see is a "Disco" notebook.  WTF?  I pull out the bubble wrap.  LOTS OF BUBBLE WRAP.  Then I pull out this absolutely gorgeous Hawaiian shirt!  Now I know who it is from.  It is from, by a circuitous route, on of my blogger buddies, Spo.  Spo makes Hawaiian shirts for relaxation.  He has a day job as a shrink or also known by the currently fashionable term "therapist."  I don't know, when I hear "therapist" I think of physical therapy, not mental therapy.  But I digress (again). 

So I try the shirt on.  It fits perfectly!  Wow!  Do  you know all the years I've wasted trying to find a shirt that fits let alone looks good?  Lots of years my friends.  Lots of years.  This shirt not only looks good on me, but I love the pattern.  I love the feel of the cloth.  This is a great shirt!

Sadly, I have to pass it on now.  I'll send it to the next blogging buddy of Spo.  

You're probably thinking like Significant Other thought, when I asked him to take my picture in this gorgeous shirt.  He said "Why is he doing this?"  I explained to him that Spo sends the same shirt (that he made) to different blogging buddies.  They get their picture taken with the shirt then they indicate what charity that they would like Spo to donate.  Then they send it on.  Sounds silly doesn't it?  Significant Other thought so.  Well, I didn't.  Life is too short to take everything seriously.  This is a wonderful thing that Spo (aka Michael) initiated.  I'm glad he included me in on the "tour of the shirt" this time.

Thanks Spo!

Do I look good in this Spo Shirt or what?

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Peter said...

Ron, you look 10 years younger and a million bucks. Wonder when the shirt reaches these shores.

Have a wonderfull Christmas time and best wishes for the New Year.

Greetings from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

the cajun said...

Lookin' Good!

Haven't seen you this excited in a long time, and just in time for Christmas, too.

Ron Tipton said...


This is a great shirt! I hate to give it up. But I must. I'll drop it by your place tomorrow after work. Look for it on your doorstep.

Ron Tipton said...

I'm giving this wonderful shirt to the Cajun tomorrow. Perhaps he will forward it to your shores. Thanks for the compliment. But this is a great shirt. All the years I've been looking for a shirt that not only looks good but fits me and here I finally get one and I only have it a few hours. Very sad. Maybe Spo will take pity on me and let me buy one like this from him. Hint, hint.

Ur-spo said...

I am pleased as punch you are enjoying it so
You look very good in it - better than I do !
thank you for being part of this; and I am glad the book is still there - that is what most of this tour, a book of lovely words/memories!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,

Great looking shirt & you look very dapper in it!! Well it will be Christmas morning in 20 min. so I guess that's close enough to wish you a Very Merry Christmas & many blessings in the New Year. As soon as the breakfast muffins come out of the oven I'm done for the day. I only sat down twice today & not for very long. I have 11 people/family coming tomorrow for Christmas dinner. After tomorrow night I'm collapsing for the week after. Oh I can't, Wayne's family will be here one day. I hope they take pity on me & we go out to dinner.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a lot more blog reads in the coming year. Oh btw....did you ever get to sit on Santa's lap?!?!

Take care,

Ron Tipton said...

So good to hear from you again! I'm at work now. It is very quiet. Just me and the Boston Pops Christmas music. One family in the hotel. I deliver their breakfast to them in an hour. A quiet Christmas day. That's just the way I like my Christmases. I hope your family treats you to dinner next week! I'm looking forward to another year of blogging and making more friends like you.

Ron Tipton said...


I'm going to pull a "Sally Fields" on you and say "I really liked the Spo-shirt. I REALLY DID!" Very cool! I left for work early this morning and took a run down to Wayne's (The Cajun) pad this morning in the dark. I had the damndest time finding it (I've only been to the building he lives in a couple of times and never in the dark before.) Just as I was about to give up lest I get to work late, I went down one more dark street (hoping that there wasn't a police car monitoring my slowly moving red Subaru Forester driving up and down the several small street off of Rehoboth Avenue where Wayne lives.) Finally I found Wayne's building! By this time I really had to go to the bathroom bad (TMI?) I try to sneak up the stairs and doesn't one of my big feet crash into garbage cans (it was dark, remember?) People are going to think Santa was drunk the way I was crashing around that early in the morning dawn. Finally I get to the top of his stairs (outside), open his storm door and deposit the gayily wrapped box that contains the traveling Spo-shirt. DONE!

I'm thankful to have you for a blogging buddy too Spo. I always enjoy reading your blog. It's my "therapy." You are a sweetheart.

Hanuman Das said...

Glad that you received the shirt so quickly Ron! Happy Holidays!!

P.S. Would you mind editing the post to remove my real name and replace it with "Hanuman Das"? Thanks! :)

Mark said...

Yes! You do look good in it!
What a perfect gift.
Merry Christmas Ron.
Take comfort in your Friends today.
Your Friend, m.

Ron Tipton said...

Hanuman Das.

Receiving the Spo-shirt on Christmas Eve was a very pleasant surprise. It is now on the doorstep of "The Cajun" in Rehoboth Beach. I removed your name from my original post and replaced it with your nom de plume.

Ron Tipton said...

Thank you Mark! I always take comfort in my friends.

Your friend,


Cubby said...

Woo hoo! You look better in the magical Spo-shirt than I did... way better in fact :-)

It's hard to believe your hubby doesn't get it. Even my own ne'er-do-well husband understood its coolness.

It looks like you have a very nice home. Merry Christmas!

Vương Tử Trực said...

Wow! What a merry Christmas!
I'm waiting for my turn :D

Ron Tipton said...

Thanks Cubby. Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. I just checked my Spam folder and you were in there. How did THAT happen? Wow. Spam gets through but the real mail doesn't Figure that one out.