Friday, December 10, 2010

Keep Writing a Blog?

A friend asked me this morning if I thought it was a good idea if he should keep writing his blog in 2011?  My answer to him was that it was his decision.  It is up to him how he feels about writing a blog.  

There are millions of blog writers in cyber space.  I am but just one of them.  My blog has about as much significance as a grain of sand in the Sahara desert.  I know that.  I'm alright with that.  

Bloggers have many different reasons for writing blogs.  Some fancy themselves writers and think if they write a blog that their talent will be discovered and they will enjoy riches and fame the rest of their lives.  

Some others think that if they write a blog with ads that they will become rich from the ad money that will come pouring in.  

For any of the above reasons to come to pass is about as likely as being hit with lightening twice, and winning both the Powerball and Megamillions lotteries in the same month.  


Hey, I fancy myself a writer.  I would like to become rich and famous.  I would like to get a lot of money for just writing about my little, insignificant life here on the eastern shore of southern Delmarva peninsula. But I knew from the moment I typed my first letter in my blog, that was not going to happen.  

At best I hoped that someone like me would read my blog and find some of my blog postings throughout provoking and of some interest and/or  amusement.   While I haven't heard from another "Ron" out there in cyberspace (I may be the only one), I have heard from some really nice and interesting people.  I consider these folks my friends and I appreciate their comments.  

I will continue to write a blog as long as I'm able just as I will continue to write in my daily journal (by longhand).  

I write because it fulfills a need within me to express myself.  I feel as if I keep all these thoughts imprisoned in my head I will go crazy.  It is sort of like being put in solitary confinement.  I don't want to be like this guy I know named Bart.  He has the talking disease.  He can't shut up.  Talk, talk, talk, constantly repeating stories.  I think there is a name for his disease but I can't remember it now.  I fear that I probably have that same disease but I don't want to subject my friends, relatives and co-workers and even strangers to my yammering.  I have enough discipline to refrain from that bad habit.  Thus, I write my blog.

Oh yes, I will keep writing my blog. Even though I am but a grain of sand on the beach (if that), this little grain of sand wants to be noticed.

By the way, what does the picture on this blog have to do with the subject of the blog?  Absolutely nothing.  I thought it was a cute picture with a message.  Sometimes that's the way I feel, like "Ted" the cat.   


  1. Ron, I'm still waiting to be discovered. Also, I haven't made a damn cent off of my Blog. Maybe it's because I don't have one Ad on there. Oh well!
    I journal like you and it's mostly for my kids to read down the road. It's why I write about them so often. Plus, without them, I don't know who I am. So I owe them.
    Keep writing.
    Also, I think it's call Diarrhea of the Mouth.

  2. Mark,
    The talking disorder I mentioned in my blog is called logorrhea. Sounds a lot like diarrhea doesn't it? Well it is in many ways. I have a tendency towards it but I mostly control myself. However, I have met and know people in my life who can't control themselves. This buy Bart I mentioned (and 86 year old gay guy who is still in the closet believe it or not) is the worst. He literally has diarrhea of the mouth.
    Everyone blogs for a reason. Many people blog because and for their children and I think that is wonderful. Hey, if I had would see me blogging 5 or more times a day about MY KIDS! I'm the worst. Maybe it's good I don't have kids. :)

    Thanks for your encouragement. By the way, since I have a "following" now I'm more circumspect in what I write. I don't want to offend anyone so I have to think before I start spouting off whatever comes into my head. Through my blog I have met many nice folks (including you my friend) and I value your friendship more than I do any momentary pique I may have at any given moment. I know you understand. :)


  3. Well I had a brief flirtation with fame through the Blogs of Note when for 3 days I was getting 5,000 visits a day, but all it actually did was make me a bit anxious. All these people turning up to be entertained! What if I couldn't live up to expectations?

    Well, I clearly didn't for most people as the numbers dropped off significantly over the next few weeks, and now I'm back to about the same number of daily visits as I was before I got the Blogs of Note thing.

    No one offered me a pile of cash either...

  4. Kim,

    I for one am glad that I was given a tip to visit your blog. You are one of the special treasures on the Internet. I will always be a fan. At least until the day I depart this earth and be "with the Lord." Oh, excuse me. "To be with the vastness of space" or whatever.

    5,000 visits a day? I didn't know you were getting that many visits. Wow. That would make me nervous too! I think I prefer my life the way it is now.....a few good, faithful friends. But to be honest, I was looking for that other "Ron." Haven't found him yet but I have become friends with some really interesting folks. Ironically most of them are straight. Actually, I shouldn't be surprised. Most of my good friends in my "real" life are straight too. I really don't have that many friends in they gay community. In fact I was just thrown to the curb by someone who I thought was a friend but apparently I was only there to be used. That's a subject for another whole positing which I don't know if I want to go there or not. See? No problem for me writing on any subject.

    I always wish you well KIm.

  5. It would make perfect sense that most of your friends are straight - quite simply there are more straights than gays, so there's a larger pool to choose from.

    If you were to have more gay friends than straight, it would only be for 1of 2 reasons. The first might be that the straight community in general rejected you because of you being gay, therefore you had a much smaller pool of people to choose from.

    But if that wasn'tt he case, the only other reason for having more gay friends is that sexual orientation is the most important consideration in a friendship. But I would suspect that's quite unlikely.

    Personality type tends to be far more important when choosing friends.

    It reminds me a bit of... did you ever read my post Lada Owners' Club?

    I think that post probably gets to the heart of the point about how one thing in common with other people doesn't guarantee other things in common with them

  6. Urspo2:21 AM

    I write because it fulfills a need within me to express myself. I feel as if I keep all these thoughts imprisoned in my head I will go crazy.

    That is my reason as well. People need a space for creativity and expression. Writing/blogging does that for me. I too will keep scribbling until "because I have to" fades away - or I get arthritis.

  7. Please keep writing Spo. Reading your blog postings is one of my pleasures. You're real. I appreciate that. By the way, I have arthritis (I am 69 years old after all) but I still write. My arthritis is below the thumb of my right hand so it doesn't interfer too much with my writing. If it gets worse I can always put a pen in my mouth and tap out my letters on the keyboard that way.

  8. Kim,

    Your analysis of why I have more straight friends than gay is enlightening to me. I hadn't thought of it that way before but you are right. I think friendships have more to do with personality than sexual orientation. After all my long years on this earth, that is the proven fact. Upon reflection, the gay friends that I do have, have more in common with my personality than sexual orientation. Plus, and I think I am fairly unique in this aspect, I have never had any sexual interest in my gay friends. For some reason, those men I have had a sexual interest in, I have never formed a friendship with. That even holds true with my partner of 46 years. It was never a "sex" thing with us (at least on my part.) I liked Bill because he was a nice guy and treated me like a prince, which was no small thing. I feel like blog subject coming up. Thanks for your thoughtful response. Always appreciated!


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