Sunday, December 26, 2010

Four years ago I moved to southern Delaware to retire. I moved for several reasons, the main reason being to escape the high Pennsylvania taxes. Another reason was the slower paced life in Delaware. Where I moved, the Rehoboth Beach/Lewes/Milton area on the east coast also has a high population of older gay men and woman who have also retired to southern Delaware. After a lifetime of homophobia, it was a pleasure to retire to an area where I would be accepted as who I am.

Another reason I moved to southern Delaware was the milder temperature. Southern Delaware is location one temperate zone below where I lived in Pennsylvania. I was told that it doesn't get as cold in Delaware and, this is a biggie, not as much snow. As a matter of fact, I was told when it did snow it rarely lasted more than a day.

That fact was true the first three years I lived in lower slower. Not last year. Remember the back to back blizzards in January? Oh yes. Fun times. However, I was lucky that I didn't have to go to work during that period. The hotel business was so slow that the owner laid off me and the other part-time Old Guy.

I remember during those back to back blizzards of last year when I was told "You'll never see another one of these again in your lifetime." Ah ha! I should have known better! Right now I'm sitting at the hotel front desk fielding phone calls. Yes, I'm stuck at the hotel. No complaints, at least I have a warm place to stay for the night. I've been shoveling the snow outside the side and front doors but man, I'm telling you that this 69 year old geezer isn't used to that exercise.

I just got another phone call. It was from Significant Other. He was going to come in and pick me up tonight but I decided not to because the weather bureau is calling for 18 inches of snow before this stops. Also the winds are gusting up to 50 mph. Real fun times. Anyone who says they LOVE SNOW has to be crazy! I hate it. But, I'm glad I can do something to help out where I work.

Last year during the back to back blizzards my manager was stuck at the hotel for three days while I was snug as a bug in a rug at home. Turn around is fair play (or something like that). 

Please excuse me now for I smell the aroma of a Stouffer's frozen lasagna wafting from the micro-wave in the kitchen. Dinner is calling.



  1. Is there much difference between North and South Delaware?

  2. Yes Spo, there is a big difference between North and South Delaware. Delaware only has three counties. The northern most county is Newcastle County. Newcastle is Wilmington, DuPont, college and very urban. The middle county is Kent County. Kent is your typical, suburban, middle class county. Then there is Sussex County, or as we locals call it Lower Slower. Sussex County is known as Redneck County because of its southern nature. Sussex County has two distinct cultures. On the east side of Route 1 (the main thoroughfare from north to south) is the ocean and bay side of Delaware populated by many retirees and second home owners and in the Rehoboth Beach/Lewes/Milton area by a large gay retiree population. West of Rt. 1 are the farmers. Chicken farmers, corn and soybeans. Two very different cultures. Delaware is actually the South (northern most part) and Sussex County has that slow, laid back feel of the traditional South. Maybe I should of done a blog posting on this subject. I might just do that. Have a good day!


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