Monday, December 27, 2010

Digging Out

Me on my iPad in my fancy, dandy hotel room last night, checking my e-mail before I collapsed into bed

I'm back home!  I can truthfully say there really is no place like home.

Yesterday I had to stay overnight at the hotel where I work the front desk.  My shift was from 3 pm to 11 pm.  Significant Other drove me to work in his four wheel Jeep.  That got me to work.  I brought my suitcase just in case I had to stay overnight.  That turned out to be a very wise decision.

As the hours progressed yesterday evening the Christmas Blizzard of 2010 became fiercer to the point where it would have been foolhardy to expect Significant Other to come in and pick me up at the end of my shift.

So I stayed at work, going outside every hour or so to shovel snow away from the two entrances to the hotel.  Now wasn't that some fun with winds gusting up to 50 mph?  I almost got blown against the wall a couple times by some exceptionally strong gusts of wind that had to be more than 50 mph. 

In fact the wind was so insistently ferocious I started to question the wisdom of even shoveling the snow because as soon as I would shovel, the wind would blow more snow back against the doors.  I kept shoveling and as it turned out that was a wise decision because it prevented any significant accumulation of snow around the doors to the hotel.  The owner of the hotel came down this morning with shovels in hand and was pleasantly surprised that I had already done most of the work.  Points scored.

I ended my shift early and went up to my room on the penthouse floor (fourth floor).  One good thing about working in a hotel, there isn't a problem finding a place to stay.  I chose a room with a big fluffy king sized bed that I collapsed in when I clocked out at 9 o'clock.  There were only two other guests in the hotel and they were in the room next too me.  They were stranded and decided to extend their stay. Yet another wise decision.

This morning at the hotel we had an event.  What we call an "event" is when guests rent out the meeting room for a function.  This morning there was a scheduled business meeting.  Since the neither the manager, assistant manager or sales manager would be in to set up the event, guess who?  Yep! It was moi.   

This is what I call a Learning Experience.  And what a way to learn!  Well, I did pretty good. By the time the assistant manager came in I had everything set up (coffee, pastries, tea, sodas, tables, pens, and I even covered the projection stand with a table cloth - a tricky maneuver of pinning the table cloth just the right way).  The only thing I forgot was to set out was a pitcher of cream for the coffee.  The assistant manager caught that.  She said it was no biggie.  A minus for Ron!

The assistant manager took over my shift and I went back up to my penthouse room with that deliciously sensual king size bed (oh God did I ever drift away to La La Land last night once my aching body hit that mattress).  I was awaiting word if the 3 pm shift clerk could make it in today.  If not, I would stay at the hotel and fill in for her shift.  As nice as the room was where I was staying (and it was nice, believe me), there is really no place like home.  

At 12 noon I got the word.  She would be in!  I called Significant Other to come in and pick me up.  And here I am now at home.  

We had a little trouble getting into our development.  A car was stuck right as you turned off the road.  A tow truck hooked up to her car and pulled her out.  The picture you see at the top of this blog is of the road to our house.  As you can see, our road HAS NOT BEEN CLEARED.  This bring back memories of last January and the back to back blizzard that we endured and survived.  We couldn't get out of this development for four days!  

We're not used to all this snow here on the eastern shore of southern Delaware.  I remember what a lot of people said last year after we finally got through that second blizzard.  They said "You'll never see another one of these in your lifetime."  Ha!  We just saw another one.  

Never say never.


  1. it all sounds so adventuresome.
    I would like to feel stranded in a hotel by myself. It sounds both cozy and unsettling.

  2. Actually Spo, being stranded in the hotel was adventuresome. I didn't mind at all. When I worked at the Hampton Inn in Lionville, PA I was once stranded for three days because of an ice storm. No vehicles were moving out of that parking lot, they were all frozen to the ground. The only problem was that I didn't have a change of underwear. Also, I contacted a case of the crabs from sleeping in the hotel bed. That was really a bummer because I didn't even have the pleasure of making whoopee to get those crabs. Adventuresome? For sure!

  3. Ron,

    I don't know Ur-spo, being stranded alone in a hotel might be too much like "Tbe Shining". Ron was not along, of course, having some stranded guests there.

    Did they get a discount because of the situation?

    I'm so glad you were wise and stayed in the hotel. I know you got it worse down there than we did, not that it was Springtime around here. I went out this morning and at the first stop sign I came to there was no way of stopping.

    Your comment doesn't say much for the Hampton Inn. I doubt if having a change of underwear would have prevented the resulting situation,however.

    Now it is your job to keep snow out of the forecast in January, at least that last week or so.

    And hey, make sure the sheets are changed on those beds before we arrive.


  4. No discount Lar to hotel guests because of the blizzard. Actually, we did give them a 20% discount which we would have given them anyway even if it had not snowed.

    Bill was going to try and get me but the visibility was zero. I told him to stay home.

    My comment about the Hampton Inn? It was true but I could not have said that if I still worked there. I checked to see who was in the room before I was. It was a family of 10 Chinese. I remember them crowding into the room too. I wasn't too happy about the situation to say the least.

    By the way, our hotel is very, very clean. No worry there. Now New York hotels, I would be on my guard there even at the most expensive ones.

  5. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Hi Ron,

    It sounds like you had an adverturous Christmas. It is so nice of you to cover for your co-workers like that.
    I thought we were only going to have about 4 inches of the white stuff. I guess I missed the updates. It was very cool to get up from Christmas dinner & have it snowing while we opened presents.
    Here in lower, lower DE we got a foot. It is so beautiful & my dog acts so crazy in it I have to laugh.
    You guys stay safe & warm & enjoy the week! That's what we're going to do.


  6. Fran,

    I was glad I had the opportunity to help out my co-workers and my boss at work. At this time of my life it is nice to feel needed. :)
    I have to admit the snow is pretty to look at. I just don't like traveling in it. It is nice to have the snow falling outside as the family gathers to open Christmas presents. That kind of White Christmas may never happen again.
    I know what you mean about your dog acting crazy in the snow. Our two little Pomeranians used to do that too. We miss them so much.
    Good to hear from you again Fran.
    Have a very happy New Year!


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