Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Day After - Still Digging

As I type today's blog entry I hear the whirl of  snowblowers in the neighborhood.  Yes folks, here we are on Day Two after the big snowstorm, the Christmas Blizzard of 2010.  Still digging out.

Now I know we're all a bunch of Snow Wussies down here because we just ain't used to all this snow!  I estimate we had about 8 to 10 inches of snow in our neighborhood, which is about 9 more inches than we receive ALL WINTER.  

Well, the sun is out but the temperatures are still hovering around the freezing mark.  Later this week we will experience the downright balmy temps of 50 degrees.  A regular heat wave.  That should get rid of the rest of the snow.  Who wants to see 14 foot piles of snow in the Food Lion parking lot until spring?  Not me for that's for sure!

Pictured at the top of this blog is my neighbor Rich.  He wasn't too happy because he paid $25.00 to have his driveway cleared out yesterday, only to have snow cover it up again last night.  He claims it was MY SNOW that is on his driveway.  I hope he was kidding.  The wind DID blow a lot of snow away from our house though.  Do you think?  Maybe this is something we can take up at the next Homeowners' meeting.  That should be about next summer, that's how often we have those meetings.

After breakfast this morning Significant Other took me to the Post Office in his four wheel drive '91 Jeep, just in case we got caught in a snow bank.  I had to return my old DirecTV receiver or else I would be charged $250.  I also mailed in the card and an viewed Netflix DVD that was stuck here in the house during the snowstorm.  I'm glad Netflix doesn't charge by the day.

My plans today are just to veg out here in the house and see what kind of trouble I can stir up on the Internet.  I'm looking for some new and interesting blogs.  Through one of my favorite bloggers Spo, I have discovered some very interesting blogs and bloggers.  Now I'm going to go the next level down and see what treasures lurk beneath those murky surfaces.  

Pictured in this blog is the snow covered Christmas lights on my singular column outside my front door.  They look pretty in the snow don't they?  Guess what?  Those lights are staying there until the snow melts and the temps get up to at least 50 degrees and the wind dies down to only 20 mph gusts.  

Have a great day everyone!  


  1. Ron,

    Wanted to answer a couple questions you posed in your kind comment.

    Yes, that is gray hair on my youngest head. Like me, his hair started graying early. I had my first gray strands in high school and was pretty gray by my thirties. I just suggest he keep a close watch on his thyroid.

    Hobo Joe is very soft. he isn't much for cuddling, though. He kind of wants attention or reassurance you love him, but a few strokes is enough. he is pretty heavy, a very big cat, so I'm glad he isn't a real lap cat.


  2. that all sounds jolly good fun!
    I am curious to know which blogger buddies are our mutual reads.

  3. Spo, The Spirit of St. Lewis. I like his style of writing and what he writes about. Both of you are very honest.I also like The Cajun's blog. He is also a good writer and I know him personally and am interested in his journey.He is a survivor who has overcome some awful obstacles not of his doing.

  4. Lar,
    My friend Big Bob has a big gray cat like Hobo Joe. Stormy crashed Bob doublewide during a ferocious storm a few years back. The next day his sister, "Ronnie" joined him. Ronnie is also a gray cat with white feet but finer boned. Stormy loves to sit on your lap and flex his claws. Ronnie doesn't like anyone touching her probably because she was abused at one time. She has a big scar around her whole neck. But she comes around for food but mostly stays outside unless it's really cold outside. BTW, I just found a website where this guy has taken in about 300 cats. When I get the link I'll send it to you. Don't get any ideas.


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