Friday, December 03, 2010

Christmas = Family

As you all probably know, I have no trouble coming up with subjects for my blog postings.  I try to keep my postings positive, upbeat and happy.  But sometimes this is hard to do because of the constant state of crises or near crises that we all live in these days.

The past several days I have been very upset over what I see as he impending cave in by Obama to the Republican demands to extend the Bush tax cuts for the very rich.  I wanted to write a blog about my profound disappointment in Obama in the weakness that he has constantly shown in his dealings with the Republicans.  But I hesitated because do I really want to add on all that angst here in this wonderful holiday season?  Others are doing it already.

Then there is the subject of the repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy of excluding gays from the military.  I wanted to write about the Angry Old Man of the right whose hatred of Obama is so intense that he is totally out of touch with reality that he is threatening to filibuster any vote to repeal this ridiculous, unfair and discriminatory 17 year old law.  Of course I am speaking about John McCain.  This man literally makes me gag when I see his face appear on television and when he speaks.  Do I really want to vent my disgust (war hero or not) against this Angry Old "Get Off My Lawn!" Man?  Others are doing it already.

Then there is the subject of Wikileaks, where Julian Assange has released hundreds of thousands of State Department documents thus embarrassing the United States government.  Now we're all hearing how this is threatening the lives of our service members and state department employees and others in foreign lands who cooperate with our State Department.  Mike Huckabee, the former governor or Arkansas and future presidential candidate is calling for the death penalty for Julian Assange.  Funny, I don't remember the likes of Huckabee calling for the death penalty for former Vice President Cheney or Karl Rove when they outed Wilson's wife as a CIA agent.  Where was the outrage then?   Do I really want to pile on my outrage against this obvious double standard?  Others are doing it already.

No, what I'll do in this blog posting is express my appreciation for the fine people I work with at the hotel where I work part-time.  Pictured on this blog is my boss (the young man lying on the floor and yes, he is young enough to be my grandson) and his family - his wife and daughter and his parents.  This to me is what Christmas is all about, families.

Merry Christmas Mike and family!


  1. yes it is all depressing; I don't write about these topics either.
    You have a cute boss.

  2. Tell me about it Spo. Yes, I know I have a cute boss. He is a very nice guy too. Everyone likes Mike.

  3. An e-mail received from my former classmate and former band member (she was in the color guard) Iva:
    Blonde speaking...of course we couldn't.... we have too many letters in our name.
    Olin and I will be going to the Rose Parade and will be sitting with friends and family of the Downingtown band. Frankly, I thought we as color guard, gun/flag carriers, did pretty good, but we did keep our legs down. I remember Jane Moore coming up with different ways move around. They seem to have done away with small color guard units.
    All kidding aside, Ohio looked good and that young d-town band member looked quite handsome in his uniform. Those uniforms seemed heavy to me,
    Thanks for sharing.


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