Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Breakfast Tray this morning at the hotel 

As regular readers of this blog may know, I work part time at the front desk at a boutique hotel in Lewes, Delaware.  My normal schedule is Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  I also fill in for the full time front desk clerks when they go on vacation, are sick or having a baby.  In fact, many of the jobs I've had in my adult work career are as a result of filling in for a pregnant worker. That is how I got my first job at Girard Bank in 1965.  I stayed on that job 21 years!  But I digress (again he says).

What my blog post is about today is how I spent my Christmas Day.  First thing this morning  I drove the six miles down Route 1 got Rehoboth Beach to drop off the Spo-shirt that I received yesterday.  I tried it on, took my pictures and posted them to my blog so now it is official, Spo-shirt has made a visit to Casa Tipton-Kelly.  The next stop for the Spo-shirt was my friend, The Cajun.  He lives in an apartment on the second landing of a building just off the main drag in Rehoboth.  I've only been to his place twice (to help him move) so I wasn't real sure how to find it in the dark.  As I suspected, I had a problem.  

After driving slowly up and down Sussex Avenue (I knew he lived on Sussex but I neglected to bring his apartment number with me....natch), I couldn't find the white steps (in the dark) leading to his second floor apartment. I decide to park my car and get out and walk and look for his building.  So here I am, walking around in the morning darkness obviously casing out these buildings.  At any moment I'm expecting to hear the wail of a police siren and the flashing blue, red and white lights of a police cruiser.  The time was 6:43 am.  I'm due to open up the hotel at 7:00.  Plus, I had to serve breakfast to guests in their room because we didn't have enough guests in the hotel to open the breakfast room. 

The clock is ticking.

My heart is racing.

I'm starting to sweat.  

No white steps leading to my friend's building.

I get back into my car.  I'm headed out to Rehoboth Avenue to north on Route 1 to Lewes, where I work.

Then I decide "ONE LAST TRY!"  I did so want to leave the gayly wrapped Christmas box with the Spo-shirt in it to my friend so he would be surprised when he opened up his door this morning.  

I turn off Rehoboth Avenue to the environs of the side streets.  And there it is!  My friend's apartment building.  How could I have missed it earlier?  Maybe it was too dark.  Still no police.  I was in luck.

I park my car.  In fact I pull up behind my friend's car which I knew was his because he has a bumper sticker that says something about "Don't piss me off or I'll release my flying monks on you!"  Yep.  That's where he lives.

I get out of my car and grab the bag that holds the gayly wrapped box containing the Spo-shirt.   "CRASH!"  I stumbled into two trash cans!  Talk about waking up the dead.

I ascend the step stairs outside his apartment on the second landing.  I open up his storm door.  I gently place the bag in between his storm door and regular door.  I steal away.

I'm outta here!

I get to work (no traffic so I was able got whizz up Route 1 without hitting any red light or stoopid drivers), at two minutes before 7:00 am.  

I open up the hotel and prepared this breakfast for my guests.  And that my friends was the start of my Christmas  Day.  

Below are pictures of my co-workers who also joined me for work today.  The lady is Dee, the head housekeeper.  The young man (young enough got be my grandson - he's 31 to my 69) is my boss, the manager of the hotel.  

Dee (Head Housekeeper) at me at the hotel this morning on Christmas Day

My boss brought in a tin of candy that his wife made for me.  That was so nice of her!  Russian candy for Christmas.  That is a first.  

My boss and me Christmas 2010
I had a delightful Christmas.  I hope yours was as wonderful as mine.

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  1. Same here. I had to shift work on Christmas Day. My workmate had to have her daughter vaccinated.

  2. I don't mind working holidays at all Tryc. Am I saying your name correctly?

  3. As you got my message, call me Tai or just VTT. Thanks Ron.

  4. I'm glad that you had such a nice day, even if you did have to work! :)

  5. Thank you Hanuman. I didn't mind working. Actually, I prefer to work at the hotel. I lost my taste for all the Christmas hubbub years ago. I like a nice quiet Christmas and being at the hotel works for me.


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