Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Critters

Stormy the cat

On this Christmas don't forget our Christmas Critters.  These are the thousands of cats and dogs that are living in on their own outside or in shelters.  

If you can, remember to put out something extra for that feral cat that comes around your back door on these cold days of December.  These beautiful creatures depend on us for food and shelter.  

Even better, if you plan to adopt this year,  adopt one of the many loving animals that are languishing in the animal shelters.  Many of these dogs and cats are not considered for adoption because they are too old or have a physical problem.  All of these animals would just love a warm home for this Christmas.

The kitty pictured in this blog is Stormy the Cat.  He appeared one night during a raging thunderstorm at my friend Big Bob's double-wide outside of Georgetown, Delaware.  Big Bob and his partner Jim took this big gray and white male kitty in from the wind and rain that night.  The next day, Stormy's little sister showed up.  Now Big Bob and Jim have two rescued kitties. 

Guess that they don't have now?  Mice. 

Don't forget our critter friends this holiday season!


  1. I know you won't Lar! I am so appreciative to have you as my friend. Someone who understands that we are the caretakers of our domesticated furry friends. I think of Hobo Joe everyday and how he has a nice warm home this Christmas.

  2. Ron,

    And Kerouac, too. This is his first Christmas and if Darryl hadn't brought him home that night, that kitten would probably be dead by now.


  3. Yes! I forgot Kerouac! How could I? How is he doing now? I haven't seen any pictures of him lately. Is he fat now?

  4. This is our first Christmas with our " rescue mutt" when we got from the Humane Society. she has been such a blessing.

  5. Spo,
    I knew I liked you for more than your obvious talent and cuteness. Anyone who rescues critters from the animal shelters is in the the top tier of my friends. God bless you and Someone.


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