Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Cards

I love sending Christmas cards.  

I love receiving Christmas cards.

Everybody has their own traditions for celebrating Christmas.  My tradition is Christmas cards.

I've been sending Christmas cards since I was a teenager.  Now let's see, I'm 69 years young now so that would be a LONG TIME AGO.

Most of the Christmas cards I send are to friends, relatives and former co-workers (bosses mostly) who I don't see in person anymore.  Occasionally I send Christmas cards to current neighbors.  Truth be told, I usually do that because they sent me a card.  Although I do wish them a Merry Christmas, the reason I send cards is to keep in touch with friends, relatives and former bosses who I never expect to see again.

My longest contact is with the mother of my BFF in grade school, Larry M.  His mom is 90 years old now but she sends me a card faithfully every year.  And I send her a card faithfully every year.  She was always so kind to me when her son and I hung around together in our teenage years.

Over the years I have stayed in contact with many former co-workers for years and years after I left our common place of employment.  It is always sad when that year comes and one of my cards is returned.  For then I know that my friend is no longer with us.  One lady who I worked with when I was in my 30's still sends me a card.  I'm amazed every year when I get yet another card from her.  When we worked together I thought she was old then because she was retired and only working part-time.  And yet every year I receive a card from her.  I haven't received on this year.....yet.  

I like all kinds of Christmas cards, especially sparkly Christmas cards.  It must be my gay gene but a little sparkle always brings a smile to my face.

Perhaps my favorite Christmas cards of all time are those of Santa Claus riding his sleigh in the cold December night sky.  For some reason that has always brought the meaning of the Christmas of my childhood back to me.  

So far this year I've received a lot of Christmas cards.  However, there is one card I will not receive this year.   It saddens my heart just to think of it.  Deep down I'm wishing that I would get this card but I know I won't.  

This year will be the first time in my life I won't receive a card from my Mother.

Mom and me at my Philadelphia home 1979 with that year's Christmas card bonanza 

Like everything else she touched, Mom's cards were always the best.  

I miss you Mom.


  1. Ron,

    Which reminds me I must sit down tonight and address our cards.

    Some Christmas Cards are really beautiful like the one you used at the top of your post. Cards like that always take me back to fond memories and the right feelings.


  2. Same here Lar. I love Christmas cards with Santa riding through the cold nighttime sky. Add a little sparkly and I'm in the Christmas mood.

  3. Once again, you've touched me here. Sorry about losing your Mom...I've often said, "One is NEVER old enough to lose your Mom" ...Mine died 10 years ago when I was 54..and I still miss her....

    The connection with this post, however, is...there was a couple parents and BEST friends who spent 20 years after retirement golfing every winter in So California together. My Mom's closest friend in that grp, "Addie" outlived 'em all....AND....chose to continue her friendship with "Mom" THROUGH ME....and I LOOKED FORWARD to HER letters and CARDS EVERY year more than any other. Just as with you, THIS year I won't get one from her either....I felt like I lost my mom a little bit again. THANKS for this fabulous post.

  4. Thank you Mark for your comment. It's good to know someone else understands how I feel at this time of year. I knew my life would change after my Mom died but I didn't' realize how much. I feel less than whole now. I guess I'll feel this way the rest of my life. It is of some comfort to know I'm not alone in this feeling. I am sorry for your loss.


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