Thursday, September 02, 2010

Waiting For Hurricane Earl

Mom (in pink) with her sisters Grace (to the left with a cane) and Jeanette (to the right in a blue sweater.) This picture was taken in 2005 at Simpson Meadows in Downingtown, PA where Aunt Jeanette lives (she is now 92 years old.)  Her sister Grace died a few years ago.  I'm standing with my cousins Jackie (son of Grace) and Elaine (daughter of Elaine.)  Jackie, Elaine and I have all been going through this experience with our mothers.  Jackie's wife Arlene is to the far left in red. Even though this picture was taken in 2005, it doesn't seem that long ago.  So much has changed since then.

The ocean was calm during my walk early this morning.  Tomorrow may be another whole different story when Hurricane Earl roars up the east coast.

I always enjoy hearing the waves crash onto the beach during my walk on the boardwalk.  I'm thinking tomorrow those waves are really going to be crashing on the beach.  I hope I don't have any problem getting to Rehoboth to witness Mother Nature in all her fury.  Pictures will be taken.  Maybe even a video or two.

At the half way point on my walk, I took a break and called John.  I wanted to know how Mom did last night.  John answered his cell phone and said "Mom is right here.  We're feeding her."  He asked me to talk to her.  He put his phone up to her ear and she said "Ronnie?" in a very tired and hoarse voice.  Well, she still knows who I am.  I told her I was on the boardwalk and asked her if she remembered those days when I used to bring her down to Lewes in 2006 when I was staying at the Dawsons while my house was under construction.  John took the phone and said "Ronnie, she can't understand you.  Don't say much, just agree with whatever she says."  She said she was sending me a check for my birthday.  My birthday is November 9th.  I said "Thanks Mom!"  She didn't say anything else and John took the phone back.  I told him I would let him go so he and Barb could finish feeding Mom her breakfast.

Mom with Number #1 Son - already I'm a hog for the camera 

I think back to all those times Mom was the only one with me when I was sick or in the hospital.  She was there when I had my tonsils out at eight years old.  She was there when I came out of anesthesia from a hernia operation.  Man oh man.  I remember that one, I felt like someone had cut my abdomen open with a knife.  Well, actually they did.

She was there again when I was taken to the hospital by ambulance when I almost died from a staph infection from the hernia operation.  She was the only family member who visited me in the contagion ward where I was quarantined for months.  I never thought I would get out alive.  I was in the sub-basement of the hospital.  She had to get down on her knees  talk to me through a screened window from the outside.

Me and Mom at my PA house 2001 - I'm so serious because Bill doesn't know how to operate the camera - I just got on his case - Mom was amused

She was there again when I was taken by the ambulance to the emergency room when I was passing a kidney stone.  That time I thought I was really checking out for sure.  I did not know what was the matter with me.  I only know I wanted someone.....anyone to put me out of my misery.

I know I'm posting a lot about my Mom.  Every day I think of another subject for my blog posting but I keep coming back to Mom.  She has been so much a part of my life.  To be honest, I always thought that I would go before she would so I wouldn't have to deal with her loss.  And I always felt guilty for feeling that way.

I post on my blog the way I feel that day.  I try to keep the negativity to a minimum.  I'm a natural complainer but I know that's boring so I try to keep things upbeat.  I consider myself a happy person by disposition.  These days it is hard to keep this overwhelming sadness at bay.

I'm going to keep posting about Mom and pictures of her.  Seeing these happier times helps.
Maybe my last picture of me with Mom - taken this past June at brother John's home in Greenville, SC


  1. Keep complaining if you want, it's your Blog. And apparently, I must like it since I keep coming back. Truth is, I love my Mom too.
    Your Friend, m.
    I'm emailing a gift to you.

  2. Ron,

    Nothing in the world wrong with writing about your mom. Your mom is a wonderful and nice lady. It is sad to see her come to this state.

    Boy, I remember kneeling down at that grated window to talk to you. I'm glad you mentioned it. It's been so long I was beginning to think I imagined that window.

    Tell me what happens when you try to comment on my Blog. Maybe that would help, because I don't have any settings that should prevent it.


  3. How about that Lar! You remember kneeling down at that grated window to visit me in the hospital? Wasn't that the weirdest thing? A few years after I got out of there I was told that they didn't expect me to get out alive. The first night there a 13 year old boy next to me died of menengitis. I had several more hospital stays but not in the contagion ward. I guess they don't tell 17 year olds who are infected that they put them there to die. The irony is that the got the infection from the hospital when I had my hernia operation. That's why I don't trust hospitals to this day.

  4. Ron,

    I remembered coming to visit you and having to go around to this window that was low, I think a basement ward (close to the morgue maybe for convenience sake.) But the whole think began to seem kind of surreal you start to wonder did it really happen that way or did I dream this up somehow. I remember you saying you had come home from the operation and your stitches tore open and you grabbed a washcloth and stuck it in the wound. next thing you are in the hospital again and then contagious in something like a ward for the dangerously insane.

    I guess we both had near-death close calls as youth, you with that infection and me with my appendix when I was 8. My parents made a mad dash to the hospital and I just made it.

    They used staples to close me up. Man, they hurt coming out. Don't ever get stapled together.

    Glad to see you got straightened out with my comments.

    Did you read my post on Feline Favorites about "Wilbur"?



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